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What's New & Different for 2019

Eligibility Timeframe

  • Eligibility for the 2019 ABAs extends from January 1 2018 through March 13 2019, the last day that entries will be accepted.  Nominations should cite achievements during this eligibility window. Videos, publications, live events, and other media premiered since that date are eligible to be entered. 

New Submission Requirements for Some Categories Groups

  • The most significant change to the ABAs for 2019 is that in three category groups - Marketing, New Products, and Public Relations - entrants now have the option to submit a video of up to five (5) minutes in length about their achievements, instead of the traditional Stevie Awards essay or case study.

Revised Categories

  • The "Executive of the Year" categories, part of the group of Management categories, have been eliminated and replaced with Achievement in Management categories, in 35 industry groups, in which you may nominate the recent achievements of an entire management team, a group of managers, or individual executives.
  • The "Web Site" categories have been eliminated and replaced with Web Achievement categories, in 33 industry groups, which will recognize web-related achievements since the beginning of 2018.  In these categories you may focus on any sort of achievement, including technical improvements, creative enhancements, increased visibility and viewership, complete or partial redesign, writing, user engagement - whatever you and your team have done since the beginning of 2018 that you want to crow about.  The "Specialty" web categories have also been refreshed, although the categories for Mobile Sites & Apps remain the same as in 2018.
  • The categories to recognize outstanding Live Events staged since the beginning of 2018 have been completed overhauled, and there are many more Live Event categories from which to choose.
  • Just about every category group features some new categories.  Explore them all here.

Entry Fees Have Not Been Raised

  • Fees have not been raised from the 2018 rates.

Higher Minimum Average Score Required for Automatic Win

  • The average score from the judges required to be automatically included among Stevie winners has been raised from 7.0/10 to 7.25.