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Company: ProcureStaff, Ltd. New York, NY
Company Description: ProcureStaff, a subsidiary of Volt Information Sciences, provides specialized software/services to streamline and manage services procurement. Innovators of the vendor neutral model for human capital, ProcureStaff improves procurement lifecycle efficiency, including vendor management, sourcing, spend management, invoicing, reconciliation and payment for enterprise clients.
Nomination Category: Support Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Support Department of the Year

Nomination Title: Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs Client Program Operations Department (CPOD)

Tell the story about what this nominated department achieved since January 1 2008 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

The Client Program Operations Department (CPOD) at  Volt Consulting - Managed
Service Programs* provides expert support personnel – onsite at client locations
and behind the scenes – with deep domain experience in HR and procurement
business processes, implementation, project management, business intelligence
(BI), information systems integration and Total Quality Management.  The CPOD
serves Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs’ global 1000 customers in
North America, CALA, APAC and EMEA.  To thrive in the hyper-competitive services
supply chain management space, providers must deliver absolutely exceptional
operational support in all disciplines related to building and maintaining a
contingent workforce.  Supporting their robust software application for the
automation of services procurement from requisition to payment, CPOD drives
award-worthy results, delivering superior support and enabling Volt Consulting -
Managed Service Programs to maintain the highest client retention rate in the

CPOD is made up of experienced sourcing, recruitment and transactional
professionals embedded into customers’ site departments and at offsite regional
centers, international hubs and Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs’
renowned, Operations Optimization Center.  Defining responsibilities, meeting
and exceeding those expectations and surpassing the goals enumerated by the
customer are the mission of the CPOD.  Utilizing best practices, functional
disciplines and the output of Six Sigma Quality and Improvement exercises ensure
superior support.

The multiple disciplines involved in contingent workforce management are too
specialized for many organizations to address – even those with robust
procurement departments for other commodities.  As such, the CPOD must be
prepared to provide support to a multiplicity of divergent business challenges.
Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs is a top provider because of the
emphasis they place upon operational support.  Volt Consulting - Managed Service
Programs clients categorically identify the peerless support they receive from
CPOD elements as the primary driver behind their results.

Here is a representative sampling of CPOD support provided to Volt Consulting -
Managed Service Programs clients in 2008.
An international, diversified financial services company experienced a
significant increase in activity in 2008 as decreasing mortgage rates yielded a
dramatic influx of business in their Home Mortgage Division.  CPOD successfully
supported an increase of 8,000 contractors (a 300% increase) over a two-month
“Rate Rally”. Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs sustained consistent
delivery of services during this period by utilizing additional resources within
the CPOD’s Operations Optimization Center – supplementing the dedicated
activities of the onsite team and delivering reliable service to over 900
company managers. At a recent meeting of Mortgage division leaders, team members
reviewed CPOD’s performance.  Wells acknowledged the efficacy of CPOD saying,
“We have never staffed up for a rally as quickly and efficiently as we have this

A leading global telecommunications company had established Service Level
Agreements (SLA) requiring Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs to
maintain an aggressive 21.1% diversity spend.  CPOD helped this telecom giant
focus on more productive methods for managing the delivery of their specified
requirements to diversity suppliers.  This helped increase diversity spend to
38% for 2008.  CPOD also successfully created and implemented a process to
expedite this client’s billing and payment cycle processing time from 1 month to
only 1 week.

A top soft beverage and convenient foods manufacturer communicated the need to
receive more reporting than the industry standard, monthly/quarterly variety. 
In fact, they required approximately ten times more than the typical Volt
Consulting - Managed Service Programs client. CPOD accommodated this cola
company’s needs, providing reporting at an exponentially greater rate.  As a
result of this exceptional service, this client has made Volt Consulting -
Managed Service Programs a preferred supplier.

*Formerly doing business as ProcureStaff, Ltd.

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Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader(s) of the nominated organization/department:

Mark LeClair’s career is a study in operational expertise related to human
capital supply chain management.  Joining ProcureStaff in 2001 as a Program
Manager for the GE Industrial Systems MSP, Mark ascended ranks thanks to his
solid understanding of program operations and management.  Mark has grown with
ProcureStaff though the positions of Operations Business Manager, Global
Program Director (Pfizer) and Manager of the Process, Planning & Delivery
group, the precursor to Business Process Improvement.   More recently, LeClair
was Director of Operations, then Director of Global Sourcing before being
promoted to Vice President of Client Program Operations.  Mark holds a
Bachelor's Degree in Social Relations, Human Resources & Human Services with a
minor in Criminology from Eastern Connecticut State University. He is a Six
Sigma Black Belt.