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USHEALTH Advisors - Sales Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative of the Year


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Company: USHEALTH Advisors, LLC
Company Description: USHEALTH Advisors, L.L.C. is is a wholly-owned national health insurance distribution arm of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company is focused on serving America’s self-employed and individual insurance market through its captive Agent sales force.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative of the Year

Nomination Title: Diversity and Inclusivity Reign at USHEALTH Advisors

Tell the story about your organization's sales-related diversity and inclusivity initiatives since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Scattered across the Grand Ball Room of the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana, stood proud the men and women that former United States Green Beret, Chad Fleming, called to action. With one simple request, “Will my fellow service men and women please rise?” he silenced the room. Without hesitation, each veteran pushed back their chair and rose to an eruption of applause and appreciation. Just a portion of the USHEALTH Advisors field force was in attendance that day for the annual Leaders Meeting, yet those who served were proudly represented. From veterans and school teachers to entrepreneurs and professional athletes, there is an assortment of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and varying ages that comprise the USHA field force.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of the vast diversity of the field, is the story behind the number one ranked Regional Sales Leader. With no background or experience in the insurance market, she quit her convenience store job, jumped blindly into a startup company that offered not much more than a noble mission and quickly became an unparalleled leader. But, she doesn’t stand alone in her remarkable road to success. Of the roughly 360 leaders that attended the meeting in New Orleans, 32 percent were female, holding positions ranging from Regional Sales Leader to Field Training Agent. Their eminent accomplishments were celebrated as they sat among a selected few in a panel of experts, sharing their personal recipe for success, but their influence doesn’t stop there. Throughout the year, women have participated in Ask USHA, a web-based tool created to connect agents across the United States with their top performing colleagues, to share best practices and the knowledge gained along their journey to success. It’s no secret that women, among many, are finding an avenue for remarkable achievements through USHA. As of late October, USHA Field Leaders brought 736 female agents onboard, bringing women to represent nearly 40 percent of the entire field force.

Men and women of all ages have come to the USHA family and the opportunity it holds for those who seek to pave their own path. As a matter of fact, 13.3 percent of the field force is 18 to 25 years old and 28.6 percent is 26 to 35 years, illustrating that the USHA opportunity isn’t limited to a certain experience, age, or education level. Furthermore, the age ranges of 36 to 45 and 46 to 55 years old, where the amount of job experience, developed skills and acquired certifications play a crucial role in career growth, represent 19.5 percent and 19.4 percent of the field, respectively. With 14.8 percent of the field force being 56 to 65 years old and 4.3 percent being older than 66, it further demonstrates that the USHA opportunity is unbounded by age, gender, or anything other than the will to serve others. From Veterans to entrepreneurs, high school graduates to PHDs, all are encouraged to join the mission. Only their willingness and desire to make a living helping other people influences their career with USHEALTH Advisors.

From the Regional Sales Leaders that were early pioneers to those that recently joined the adventure, USHA treats each person with dignity and respect, embracing them with open arms much like the final moments of the Leaders Meeting in New Orleans. Every person in attendance approached the front of the room where another member of the USHA Family wrapped their arms around them in full embrace and gifted them a red bandana. Three hundred and sixty red bandanas normally wouldn’t hold much significance, but for everyone in attendance it symbolized the love, gratitude and mission that unites them all. No matter where they’ve come from, what they’ve accomplished, or how much they’ve experienced, they have a home and an opportunity to do more and be more at USHA.