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Inference Solutions - Inference Studio - Intelligent Virtual Agent Platform

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: Inference Solutions, San Francisco, CA
Company Description: Inference provides virtual agents that automate and facilitate interactions between organizations and their customers. Blend our automation and AI with your people for a better customer experience.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: IVR or Web Service Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Inference Studio - Intelligent Virtual Agent Platform

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Inference provides an Intelligent Virtual Agent platform designed for telecommunications carriers that want to offer high-margin value-added services on top of their core network. It enables them to complement their service offerings with the latest and most powerful AI and natural language speech interaction technologies for customer self-service while helpingthem to drivehigher sales of their core network offering.

Service providers can easily configure self-service offerings for resale to specific verticals or at desired price points. Inference is trusted by dozens of T1, T2 & T3 carriers worldwide, including AT&T, Telstra, Vonage, Nextiva, Cincinnati Bell, to power Conversational AI solutions for a wide range of verticals markets including government, retail, travel, enterprise and SMB.

Inference’s go-to-market strategy is based on multi-tiered distribution - nodirect salesto end customers. The primary customer for our services is a telecommunications carrier, that purchases, packages, prices and re-sells our services to businesses of all sizes. In many cases the services of those carriers may also be resold by their channel partners includingservice providers and master agents. Inference is also resold through a partnership with Cisco BroadSoft as part of their UC and Contact Center software solutions.

Design with Studio.

Inference Studio is a drag and drop development environment enablingnon-technical users to build or configure self-service applications in the form of virtual agents.

Using Studio, you can design virtual agents to:

-Autonomously handle routine transactions, allowingpersonnel to focus on higher priorities.
-Assisthuman agents, before, during and after customer interactions.
-Handle high volume interactions with advanced decision automation.

Like real agents, virtual agents have a wide variety of skills including speech recognition, natural language processing, text-to-speech, voice biometrics, transcription and API integration.

Agent Tasks

Your agents can work on tasks across different channels: fromperforming back office functions to reacting to changes in your business in real-time. They’re security conscious, fully PCI and HIPAA compliant. Examples of pre-built task available through Studio include:

-Biometric Enrollment
-Appointment Maker
-Queue Call Back
-Order Lookup
-Andmore. https: //

Benefits to Enterprise Customer

Organizations that purchase Inference’s Virtual Agents through their preferred carrier receive some powrful benefits.

Improved Customer Experience –As businesses re-evaluate their strategies for digital transformation, gaining a competitive advance through a compelling and differentiated customer experience is increasing importance. The carrier’s customers are demanding more services aiming to improve the service that they in turn provide to their end consumers. Those consumers are looking for service anytime, anywhere and on any device. They also lookfor self-service options enabling to solve problems without speaking to a live agent.

Cost Savings – While a human agent costs on average of $28,000 per year in the U.S., a virtual agent averages only $4,800. Beside the substantial reduction in cost, asvirtual agents have become more skilled and better at communicating with prospect over phone, text and web, customers often prefer to access a self-service application.

Compliance – A key concern forbusinesses is compliance with industry regulations, as the penalties for lack of compliance can be staggering. For example, HIPAA fines range from $500 - $5000 per violation and can include criminal prosecution. Inference’s Virtual Agents helps organizations avoid violations and penalties. Our PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant virtual agents collect sensitive customer data without revealing sensitive data to the agent. Features include Secure Call Proxy, which allowsagents to request a mid-call task to be run,leveraging our Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payments.

Innovation – Service organizations often have a mandate to release new and innovative service offerings, expressed as “I need and AI strategy” or “I need to have a plan for Chatbots”. Inference studio was designed to help providers demonstrate this kind of thought leadership. Within minutes, service providers can build a virtual agent, assign skills, associate a phone number and start demonstrating speech recognition, natural language processing, transcription, multi-lingual text to speech, chatbots and more