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FieldEdge - Sales Growth Achievement of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: FieldEdge, Atlanta, GA/Fort Myers, FL
Company Description: FieldEdge is the #1 service management software for contractors to run their service business. It combines a deep 36-year history with the latest technology to create a powerful yet easy-to-use system. With offices in Fort Meyers and Atlanta, FieldEdge serves customers on the national and international level to equip contractors with a powerful SaaS solution.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Growth Achievement of the Year

Nomination Title: FieldEdge's Sales Growth

Tell the story about how your organization has improved its sales growth since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Begin the essay with the percentage growth in revenue and/or units during that period, over the prior year. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

In 2017, FieldEdge’s Atlanta office was opened as the company’s sales headquarter. Since its opening, the sales organization has experienced fast-paced growth in terms of size and revenue.

At FieldEdge, the sales team hits the ground running every day. Accountability, performance and individual success are major drivers for the overall sales organization. As a relatively new office, the Atlanta office has already experienced a 211% growth in revenue over the previous year and there are no signs that it will be stopping anytime soon.

Key Metrics Since July 2017

Since July 2017, the FieldEdge sales organization has been able to achieve certain metrics that highlight the overall growth of the company. Metrics include:

Total outbound calls: 260,000
Net Bookings Growth Year Over Year: 81%
179% growth of the overall sales organization
New recruit retention rate: 82%
Percentage Promoted: 26.5% of SDRs hired have been promoted

High Performance Sales Environment

The FieldEdge sales team centers around an open and collaborative environment with learning and advancement opportunities. To foster the growth of both sales development representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs), the sales organization added two SDR team leads, two SDR managers, one director of sales and one sales manager. The inclusion of these leadership roles creates a high-performance sales environment where each SDR and AE receives individualized attention to go over sales performance and how to meet/exceed monthly goals that are set at the beginning of every month.

Sales Team Development and Growth

The sales organization is constantly recruiting talent on a rolling basis and has experienced the fastest growth out of all the teams.

Every member of the sales team has a clear and achievable advancement opportunity based on merit achievements. From the very first day, sales reps follow a highly-focused training plan that guides them on the track to personal development and growth. The training program includes role play, live call reviews, feedback sessions and cross-collaboration training with other teams in preparation for the sales role.

The sales team meets on a weekly and monthly basis to go over revenue targets and KPIs that challenge each individual on the sales team. To encourage sales reps to meet quota, incentive programs are in place when sales reps hit certain revenue achievements. At the end of every month, sales milestones, individual performances and team performances are highlighted by senior management to motivate employees.

Overcoming Challenges

As a rapidly growing company, there were three main challenges that FieldEdge had to overcome. The challenges and the solutions to combat these challenges are as follows:

Challenge: Maintain the original culture while scaling
Rely on legacy employees/culture leaders to cultivate the energetic work environment
Create accountability for all employees
Coordinate frequent work events to facilitate team building

Challenge: Identifying why certain sales reps weren’t performing as expected
Build out middle management with high performers to help sales reps better understand the sales process and tips for success
Focus on a more process-oriented approach to educate and train the sales team
Evolve constantly; avoid being one-result focused

Challenge: Lack of visibility and clean data that led to ambiguous decision-making
Use tools/platforms to assist with better data management
Designate a team to simplify workflows and create a streamlined reporting process


For its achievements in sales and revenue growth, FieldEdge was recognized on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2017 and again in 2018. As an honoree on the list, FieldEdge contributed to the overall $206.2 billion collective revenue and three-year revenue growth rate of 75,661% of all companies on the list.

FieldEdge’s continued success and growth in sales comes from its ability to constantly evolve and address challenges as necessary. With the team’s drive to exceed set expectations, adaptability and proven track record of growth, FieldEdge is set up to be a serious contender for the Sales Growth Achievement Award.