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DHL EXPRESS COLOMBIA - Customer Service Department of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: DHL Express Colombia LTDA
Company Description: DHL is a parcel company integrated since 2002 in the group Deutsche Post DHL, with headquarters in Germany. It was founded in San Francisco (1969) by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, of the initial letter of their surnames arises the name of the company.
Nomination Category: Customer Service Department Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Department of the Year - Airlines, Distribution & Transportation

Nomination Title: DHL Express Colombia LTDA

Tell the story about what this nominated department achieved since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

DHL’s strategy is to be and remain the First Choice to our customers, employees and investors. Customer Service as one of the core operational functions within the organization plays a key role in the execution of this challenging strategy.

How do we become and remain the First Choice for our customers?

90% of customer’s calls have been attended within 10 seconds and less than 1% of calls have been abandoned after 10 seconds of waiting, for the last 6 years, every single working day uninterruptedly. To maintain this level of service, we carefully plan and monitor our demand and workforce in intervals of 15 minutes.

We have a backline team of International Specialists who proactively follow up shipment’s tracking and also are prepared to resolve issues regarding shipment delays, complaints and claims cases.

With the initiative “One Point of Contact” process, we guarantee that customers interact with only one single advisor from beginning to end at the moment it has request. On average 88% of our request were resolved before 3 days, on average 99.9% of our claims were resolved before 10 days, on average 97.9% of our complaints were resolved before 5 days

Our Training and Quality programs allow us to develop and sustain the attributes we look in every advisor: Knowledge, Politeness and Helpfulness (KPH). When measuring if these efforts are paying off, we find that 90% of our customers indeed think our customer service advisors are Knowledgeable, Polite and Helpful.

On August 2018, we launched the Empowerment program for all customer service agents, which enable them to delight our customers with gifts certificates. This Empowerment tool can be use whenever agents detect that customer is having an special occasion: as anniversary, birthday, weddings, etc. and also is use for Service Recovery as delays and other events.

The empowerment program has generated a great impact in our employees and mainly for our customer’s and we have received great comments as:

“ Thank you so very much for your fast response She was very pleased to know that someone cared enough to look into the matter. That was absolutely perfect. Her daughter is in love My faith in humanity is restored as well as in DHL.

With my sincere gratitude, muchisimas gracias. “

Customers also consistently rate us better than competition. In 2018 an independent market study showed 85 % on overall customer satisfaction, 10 points higher than our next competitor.

How do we become and remain the First Choice for our employees?

We work on putting coaching at the center of our talent management activities. The coaching hours are invested in different methodologies that provide advisors with peer-to-peer and coach-to-coachee feedback. For example:

-Performance Dialogues: Each supervisor has a weekly meeting with his/her team to review the team’s performance, and as a group identify improvement opportunities and activities.
-Monthly result review: In this one hour monthly space, advisors can review individually their performance results from previous month.
-Coaching and Feedback: In DHL all employees live the Coaching and feedback culture, which is consider important to develop and motivate our people and also to keep improving our service.

We handle several ways to measure employee satisfaction Every year an Employee Opinion Survey ( EOS) is performed to measure Employee Engagement. Also, we participate in the Great Place to work survey where DHL Express was selected as the N° 1 Best Company to work in Colombia

How do we become and remain the first choice for our investors?

We also want to make our business sustainable, which is why we care about generating additional revenue. We have increased our UpSales from 76,1% in Ene ’18 to 85% in Agos ’18.

Also every sales quote made by an advisor that is not closed during a first call, has a follow-up contact made by a “Hunter” advisor to rebate customer’s objection to purchase. This program helps us to generate an additional 5,3%,