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Dell Technologies - Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year


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Company: Dell Technologies
Company Description: Dell Technologies is Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware. We’re a collective force of innovative capabilities trusted all over the world to provide technology solutions and services that accelerate digital transformation. We help you thrive.Agility, faster decision making, and smarter innovation. When you partner with Dell Technologies.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year - Other Service Industries

Nomination Title: Dell Technologies | Advanced Resolution Group (ARG)

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Advanced Resolution Group (ARG) provides round the clock support to customers who escalate issues to CEO and executives.

Escalation management process is designed to ensure timely intervention to customers who are unhappy with their experience with Dell and equip our leaders to respond to customer queries if needed.

A lead resolver is assigned to every escalation and is responsible for

-evaluating the situation
-facilitating timely resolution
-analyze customer journey findings and mapping them to people, processes and systems
-support functional leaders to address delivery gaps
-CLCA actions involving critical, systemic

ARG team handles 90%+ escalations for all English-speaking countries. We support almost 0.35Bn consumer systems globally for critical issues.

ARG tracks escalations as incidents through a companywide tool. Escalations occur for a variety of reasons.

Processes include:

Escalation Intake Process
Global Intake team uploads escalation received as incident/s on a Central Tool.
Send an automated email notifying all stake holders of the issue

ARG Resolution Process
-The lead resolver initiates the service request and liaises with internal/external teams to ensure that the resolution path offered to customer is prioritized.
-Resolver also keeps customer updated and follows up until issue resolution
-Tracking: Lead resolver also updates the centralized database with latest status of the case for visibility of all stake holders globally
-CLCA: To ensure that the entire organization learns from every escalation an in-depth root cause analysis is done on all escalations (100% incidents).

ProProject : Escalation Predictor – North America
Problem statement: Prevent customer escalations through proactive approach.

-Complex attributes, variables, frequency to be analyzed to predict distress in customer journey
-0.35bn complete customer size (Global)
-400K customer journey analyzed (North America; Q4FY18)
-370 Executive escalations (Consumer segment)

A cross collaboration team analyzed
-1-year data for all consumer customers,
-35 key indicators were identified to create this predictive design through rain forest modelling
-4% of consumer records (who contact Dell) were identified with potential issues which might lead to escalations


Pro-actively deep dive to identify and resolve all open issues.

Gap analysis
-Systems sold with a wrong marketing update, was identified at an early stage and resolved.
-Potential Impact 40k customers
-“Part Dispatch automation process” was not working accurately, identified and alternate solution implemented.
-Potential impact 140k customers

Customer testimonials
-It is with great pride and joy that I am writing to you. I am proud of DELL. I came to Support complaining. From the very first day, DELL never gave up. It filled my heart with joy to work with DELL -Satwant Kaur
-I am so glad that I came across Dell while buying my laptop. It is because of service like Customer Support that the brand still feels worthwhile. Thank You! – Tanvi Hanks

Outcome - Escalation Predictor
-The escalation rate dropped by ~40% YOY from Q3 Fy18 to Q3 Fy19
-Count of escalations dropped by ~40%
-2000 + feedbacks shared
-20+ key process improvements done

Overall WINS

-Absolute escalations reduced by 30% in the last 2 years
-The team timely resolves and retains 96% of customers who escalate their issues
-Over 100 customer appreciations received
-ARG enables our executives to be easily accessible to our customers.

-Our cost per resolution for FY18 runs at $ 9, reduced by 13% YOY (last year dropped by 41%)
-Escalation rate reduced by 10% YOY (last year dropped by 14%)
-Achieved lowest escalation rate of 0.18% in 3 consecutive quarters of FY19
-More than 2000+ key process improvements feedback shared and 20 critical successful CLCA actions undertaken

-Annual employee feedback score in Champions quadrant
-Employee NPS @ +62 , one of the best in the industry

-Legacy of Good: We believe in giving back to communities, our team members volunteer their time, talent and energy to various charitable causes and non-profit organizations Girl Child Education, Food Donation Drive, Lead to Seed are a few events in which our teams participated in FY18.