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Dell Technologies - Best Return on Customer Service Investment


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: Dell Technologies
Company Description: Dell Technologies is Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware. We’re a collective force of innovative capabilities trusted all over the world to provide technology solutions and services that accelerate digital transformation. We help you thrive.Agility, faster decision making, and smarter innovation. When you partner with Dell Technologies.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Return on Customer Service Investment

Nomination Title: Dell Technologies | Dispatch Automation (APJ)

Tell the story about your organization's investment in customer service since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Include evidence of measurable return applied specifically to the activity which the investment enabled, as well as secondary benefits (other than financial) which were a direct outcome of the investment:

APJ Dispatch Automation

Powered by Dell ASIA-PACIFIC & JAPAN (APJ) Consumer Support

APJ Dispatch Automation, designed and developed by Dell APJ Technical Support is a testament of the team’s continuous pursuit for productivity to improve customer experience.

APJ Dispatch Automation aims to address the challenges conventional Tech Support encounters and innovates the customer support processes Dispatch Automation covers Real time dispatch review Automatic Dispatch Creation.

We create a Real-time Machine Review Engine. Utilizing ML technology, big data and Python as well as historical symptom records and troubleshooting steps from more than 200,000 dispatch logs, then it was empowered with issues identification and resolution auto-suggesting functions, at accuracy as high as 98.7%.

The Engine has data-mined 150,000 address items, it was then empowered with postal codes identification with 99.1% accuracy. APJ Dispatch Policies and Procedures checking points were also integrated.

With Real-time Machine Review Engine, it is capable to output dispatch review results within seconds. We also create virtual agent to proceed dispatch creation by simulating agent’s steps.

The comparison between existing dispatch process and Streamline Process with Automation

Existing dispatch process:

-Agent perform 13 steps to dispatch
-Dispatch review POST dispatch creation
-Dispatcher L2 manual review dispatch. Approve dispatch if compliant. Reject dispatch if address any non-compliant.
-Rework dispatch and re-submit to dispatcher L2 for review (When dispatch been rejected)
-Service fulfillment, email/Call/SMS follow up

Streamline Process with Automation:

-Utilize review engine to have real time dispatch review, reduce rework effort
-Real time resolution check and make correction prior to dispatch creation
-Get Diagnosis Compliance credit prior to dispatch creation
-More accurate resolution provided to customer, enhance customer experience
-Dispatch review prior to dispatch creation
-Virtual agent create dispatch once agent submit dispatch request at Automation portal. Eliminate 13 dispatch steps with 3 minutes handling time reduction per dispatch
-Dispatch been approved automatically once created by Virtual agent
-Service fulfillment, email/Call/SMS follow up

Innovation Deliver Results:

-Cost Reduction: Yearly saving $1,432,000

-Repeat Reduction: 67% of Call Center miss repeat reduction

-Diagnosis Compliance: drive up APJ Diagnosis Compliance from 96% to 99%