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Company:, San Francisco, CA
Company Description: is the #1 conversation intelligence platform for high-growth sales teams. It records, transcribes, and analyzes business conversations in real time to coach reps on how to become top performers. With more reps meet quota, new hires ramp faster, leaders become better coaches, and everyone in the organization can collaborate over the actual voice of the customer.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Performance Management Solution - New Version

Nomination Title: New Smart Themes and Smart Playlists by Takes Sales Performance Management to a New Level

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Creator of the leading conversation intelligence platform for high-growth sales team, recently debuted new versions of its Smart Themes and Smart Playlists technologies to improve sales teams’ performances.

Sales deals are a black box. Meetings with prospects and clients drive deals - and meeting quality is the primary driver of billions of dollars in revenue. When we look at the unique set of problems related to sales, 57% of sales reps miss their quota and 80% of deals won’t close. And, when you factor in all of the expense to get prospects to a meeting, it’s about $100 per minute - and business leaders have no idea how those minutes are being used. Sales leaders need to shine a light on what is driving success and failure so that they coach more of their team to win.

Not only will this coaching help improve results, it will also improve employee retention - 60% of reps say that they will leave their current job is their manager is a poor coach. Without data-driven insights, salespeople have no real guidance to improve their interactions, which is often the key to making quota. addresses this by recording and summarizing every conversation and mapping it to the CRM, providing notes and information that anyone in the organization can use, and allowing leaders to run reporting against anything discussed in a conversation. Leaders can understand what happens on the call within seconds, reviewing a summary of the call complete with topics discussed, questions asked, various closing signals, and risk indicators. Sales reps, maangers, and leadership understands what happens on the call, can “review the game tape,” and share these “lightning in a bottle” snippets via email or Slack to drive improvement across the entire team.

Now, with its new versions of Smart Themes and Smart Playlists, has further transformed the sales space, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of team management.

The new Smart Themes technology uses’s sophisticated AI engine to proactively identify patterns within conversations and organize them for easy access to insights. Identifying the use and placement of specific themes serves to bolster best practices, allowing the entire sales team to benefit from the work of the top performing sellers. Smart Themes begins to produce effective analyses after just a few hundred hours of conversations. While other AI technologies are limited by companies' tagged data, Smart Themes automatically spots commonalities, saving time and money by eliminating manual tagging and bypassing cumbersome research. Smart Themes learns on its own and tells users exactly what they need to know. also released a new version of Smart Playlists, the next step in the process of improving how leaders manage their sales teams. Managers can automatically curate a collection of their most important call moments to train reps. Whether it’s a collection of discovery calls or a designated place for a team film review, Playlists are a powerful tool for reps, managers, and enablement leaders. provides its users with three smart playlists that update daily to get started. First is the Wow! Moments playlist, which populates a database of moments where a sales team is discussing a product that resonates well with a prospect. Second, the Engaging Discovery Calls playlist automatically adds strong examples of Discovery conversations with high prospect engagement. Third,the High Risk Calls playlistadds calls where identified a high number of risks that were not balanced with strong next steps. Users are not limited to these provided playlists, as the process for creating new ones is simple and user-intuitive.

With market leading customers such as Adobe, Qualtrics, Outreach, Zoom, and many more, is constantly improving, learning from the best sales teams and helping them increase closing rates, reduce ramp-up time, and shorten sales cycles.