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CarrefourSA - Incentive Management Solution


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: CarrefourSA, Istanbul,Turkey
Company Description: Introducing the concept of hypermarket to consumers in Turkey in 1993, partnership with Sabanci Holding in 1996, CarrefourSA has been maintaining its services through its 601 stores indifferent concepts for different segments in 54 cities. CarrefourSA provides service to different customer segments under to Hypermarket, Super store, Gurme store, Mini store and E-commerce concepts.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Incentive Management Solution – New

Nomination Title: CarrefourSA Loyalty Program - Increasing Customer Engagement >> Increasing Sales

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and sales to date:

Our Challenge:

CarrefourSA was running a basic discount card system for its customers for the last 10 years. The Program was outdated, discounts were given without right targeting of the loyal customers. Data was not clean, moreover was not actionable to deliver, CarrefourSA promise of“Act with Customer Centricity”.

Management took the decision to launch an agile, proactive and rewarding loyalty and pre-paid program to truly engage with its customers thus increase its profitable sales.

The Solution:

CarrefourSA, together with Extra Loyalty Solutions Inc., designed the “CARREFOURSA LOYALTY & PREPAID PROGRAM” and launched in July 2017.

The new Program is implemented as an “end-to-end” Customer Engagement and Loyalty System, covering all customer transaction and engagement channels to provide personalized offers for Program Members with omni channel approach.

Business and technology backbone of the Solution is created to receivecustomerandtransactiondataand conductingpersonalized campaigns at the moment of shopping,while computing historical data of the customer into the rule based engine, for this purpose ExtraLoyalty established integrations with;

  • all the Cash Registers in the Stores(both self check-out and assisted Cash registers are integrated)
  • Telecom operators for sending customer transaction triggered/segmented SMS, Push Notifications and emails for personalized campaigns
  • SAP Platform to synchronize the Product/Store data
  • SAS platform for data analytics
  • FibaBank’s Core Banking System for micro credit (consumer loan)
  • Contact Center System
  • CarrefourSA Loyalty Mobile App
  • OCR, optical character recognition system
  • Multi-merchant loyalty companies for personalized cross campaigns

Main flows designed and implemented:

  • Customer Management (Individuals, Corporates)
  • Point of Sale Management (Mini, Super, Hiper Gurme Type Markets)
  • Product Management (Product Category Hierarchy)
  • Campaign Management (Customer Segment, Product, Location based Bonus, Discount, e-Coupon, CashBack)
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Management
  • PrePaid Management (Gift Card for Individual Customers, Gift Cheque and SMS Cheque for Corporate Customers)
  • Dynamic Multi Wallet Management (Wallet_1 for CardsTypeX, Wallet_2 for campaign B etc)

Customer Satisfaction Outcomes:

After one year,
- 65%of all shoppersbecame membersof the Program, enjoying their personalized benefits
- Average visit per MemberCustomerincreased by 34% monthlywith the new program
- 99.8% response rateto all customer queries with satisfaction

Business Accomplishments:

The Program changed the dynamics of the customer value proposition in the sector which is mainly dominated by price wars. CarrefourSA appliedall customer benefits to Loyalty Members only and moved away from general discounts.

  • 47%YoYcustomer enrollment increase
  • 928loyalty members are servedper minute
  • Average basket revenueper Loyalty Member is300% higherthan the non-member customers
  • Number of products per basketper Loyalty Member is150%higher than the non-member customers
  • Over 1500customer behaviorsegment-based campaignsare implemented per year
  • Supplierssuch asUnilever, P&G and CocaColaare also enjoying the benefit of targeting customers who prefer their products
  • Campaign partnerssuch as Visa Europe, into CarrefourSA Loyalty Program giving additional bonuses“if the Customer pays with their Visa Card”. Campaign generated over 15% increase yoy of Visa Card usage in CarrefourSA Stores.
  • Cross campaignswith other retailers such as Burger King and BP and 44 different companies are established to provide non-supermarket benefits for Loyalty Program members.

CarrefourSA is currently enjoying the power and flexibility to bring value to its Loyalty Program Members. Each day the data is being enriched delivering higher quality service to customers.