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The Allure Group - Business Development Professional of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: The Allure Group, Brooklyn, NY
Entry Submitted By: New York Chinese Association Inc
Company Description: The Allure Group is a Sub Acute Rehab and Skilled Nursing Group with 6 locations and 1446 beds based in Brooklyn, NY.
Nomination Category: Business Development Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Business Development Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: Edward L. Lai, Corporate Director of Asian Initiatives

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes: REDACTED FOR PUBLICATION

Edward Lai is a better-known healthcare marketerin New York City focusing on a niche market, the Asian markets; he was promoted to Corporate Director of Asian Initiatives that handles the overall direction of Asian program and business development this year.He is known to be a builder and manager specializes in Asian program start-up/implementation and brand building. The Allure Group is becoming a real force in New York City's Sub Acute Rehab and Skilled Nursing sector focusing on Asian services this year, providing needed services to the growing Asian populations and beyond. Census has increased by 300% since July 2017. Named Stars of New York 2018 by Schneps Communications, he helped build The Longevity Garden from one location to three locations this year, and his program contributes to 10% of The Allure Group's overXXX Million Dollarsrevenue this year. The setup and development of the Asian units allows his company to have an amazing product to promote and market in hospitals.

Since joining The Allure Group in 2017, Edward Lai have created a platform and implemented a community marketing strategy in utilizing community outreach and development, event marketing and press coverage to foster brand building and name recognitions and awareness within the Chinese community to serve as the very foundation of his healthcare marketing and business development efforts. He is also skillful in social media marketing; his LinkedIn has just reached 11K selected connections within the healthcare and non-profit industry sectors, which aid his efforts in pushing for brand awareness for onmarketing agendas. By working with different non-profit community partners and healthcare organizations so closely, after so many encounters and collaborations; The Allure Group is now part of the decision-making hub in the Asian healthcare markets in NYC that the Asian community trust and have no trouble interacting with. Edward has also been working closely with community healthcare centers, outreaching to physician offices and inviting prominent Chinese-speaking physicians to visit Allure facilities to showcase its technology and niche programs such as cardiac rehabilitation, neurological unit and telemedicine, allowing medical providers to get a sense of the good services provided at Allure.

He worked to build withall major hospitals in NYC by providing awesome and attentive services.Edward has helped established a working relationship with X Hospital and Y Hospital, both have a unique mix of Asian demographic. He didn’t do anything fancy, it was as he said it “just working on individual relationships with social workers and case managers one by one and assisting on each referrals and potential referrals promptly and be available all the time.” Whenever he gets an inquiry, his response time is within 30 mins, and unlike other marketers that does much of the business by phone; Edward Lai has made him and his Cantonese/Mandarin speaking team available to do regular bedside visits at the hospitals. At Y Hospital, he streamlined the entire referral process by working solely with the social work coordinator for Asian program, resulting in an increase in numbers because the process was made so simple to follow through. X Hospital and Y Hospital are both top hospital partner for The Allure Group, allowing Allure to expand and improve the Asian program.

Edward has made The Allure Group and its program more visible and target driven within the Asian market. Advertisements were created to target the audience and improve its image by showcasing their facilities and technology such as EarlySense monitoring for patient safety and robotics for safer and quicker rehabilitation, and The Allure Group won Gold at the Aster Awards for Excellence in Healthcare Marketing under a single Multi-Lingual advertising entry “The Longevity Garden at Bedford Center and Hamilton Park” in 2018. By using proper staffing, working with the right groups and people, and reestablishing the caring image for The Allure Group; Edward has builta sustainable program.