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Aksigorta - Aksiyon Mobile App


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Company: Aksigorta Inc., Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Aksigorta is an insurance company in Turkey, belonging to Sabanci Holding in partnership with Belgian insurer Ageas, an international insurance company with more than 180 years experience in the sector. Ageas and Sabanc? Holding now have equal control. Aksigorta has more than 600 employees in 10 regions in Turkey, including our headquarters facility in Istanbul.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales & Marketing Mobile Application – New

Nomination Title: Aksigorta Aksiyon Mobile App - "Freeing up the sales force for selling"

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About Aksigorta
Aksigorta, established in 1960, is the 3rd biggest player in Turkish insurance market with 625 million USD annual premium production. Aksigorta has 700 employees, 10 regional headquarters, over 2.500 independent, 781 Bancassurance agencies, 69 brokers and 3.600 contracted institutions.
Aksigorta offers a vast variety of insurance products such as health, travel, car, home, etc. Our vision is to make insurance lean, easy and accessible. The company focuses on gaining sustainable competitive advantage by focusing on digital technologies.

In Turkey 99% of the insurance sales is done through distribution channels. Aksigorta’s main distribution channel is Agency channel and we have sales staff who assist and coach these Agencies to increase sales and fulfil customer needs.

On average each sales person is responsible from nearly 50 agencies and s/he visits these agencies at least once a month. We conducted design thinking workshops before designing the solution and discovered that our sales team was so busy with operational sales activities, so that they didn’t have much time for those activities that would increase the sales and profitability of the company. Typical challenges that sales-reps face are summarized below:

  • Sales teams are mobile all the time but IT systems that they use are not suitable for mobile usage
  • Sales-reps need to navigate several IT systems while on the go and run different reports to get the latest KPI status of agencies they are responsible from.
  • No online visibility to sales figures outside the office. Sales reports show sales figures as of t-1 day
  • No clear visibility on the “big picture”, meaning that sales teams were re-active to problems most of the time, rather than being pro-active

The Solution – “Freeing Up the Sales Force for Selling”

In order to overcome these challenges, we take “Freeing up the sales force for selling” as our motto and developed a fully integrated mobile application named “Aksiyon”.
The main features of this application are outlined below:

  • Mobile features such a location-based services and creating sales reports using speech-to-text technology
  • Increasing sales performance with instant push notifications powered by advanced analytics
  • Online Agency sales performance tracking (Agency 360) with a single touch
  • Online Sales rep and sales team performance tracking (SalesRep 360)
  • End-to-end sales activity management including planning, executing and closing sales visits by single mobile application
  • Online reporting and campaign tracking
  • Personalized insights generated via advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence

ROI Metrics
This platform is being used since June 2018, following is summary of achievements realized after 5 months of actual usage:

  • Sales has increased noticeably for Agencies compared to the same period previous year, creating additional Gross Written Premium
  • 9% efficiency increase in SalesTeams (saving an average of 45 minutes per day per salesrep)
  • 2.000 new leads have been converted to Aksigorta customers.
  • Renewal rates increased.
  • 175 new Agencies has opened in Aksigorta with using lead system.


  • Modular and easy to use mobile reporting
  • Online campaign and performance tracking
  • Time Savings with mobile features
  • Shows the big picture at all levels (sales-rep à sales manager à regional managerà vice president of sales)
  • Empowering sales team through advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Creating digital twin of field sales activities so that executives can really understand what is going on the field.

Future Vision
We want to convert our mobile application to a fully Artificial Intelligence based digital sales tool, so that it turns all sales-reps into super performing sales-reps by timely and intelligent insights provided.