What's New & Different for 2016

Eligibility Timeframe

  • Eligibility for the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business extends from July 1, 2015 through September 21, 2016, the last day that late entries will be accepted.  Nominations should cite achievements during this eligibility window.  Apps, videos, marketing, and PR campaigns premiered since that date are eligible to be entered.  There is no eligibility timeframe for web site and blog entries - it doesn't matter when web sites or blogs were first published.

Entry Deadlines

  • There are three entry deadlines, including an early-bird deadline by which the entry fees are discounted:
    • July 20: Early-bird entry deadline - entry fees discounted by $35
    • August 24: Entry deadline
    • September 21: Last day that late entries will be accepted with payment of $55 late fee

Entry Fees

  • Entry fees have been increased $10 from 2015.  The late fee for entries submitted after the August 24 deadline has been increased from $45 to $55 per entry.