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How to Submit Winning Entries

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you submit entries that are worthy of receiving Stevie Award recognition:

1. Subscribe to the Free Stevie Awards Weekly Email Newsletter

The weekly email newsletter is the best way to stay informed about entry deadline extensions, new categories, and other announcements from the organizers of the Stevie Awards.  We have a very strict privacy policy, so we will not share your email address with anyone else for any reason.  Click here to learn more.

2. Request and Review an Entry Kit

The Entry Kit contains all the information you'll need to be able to prepare and submit your entries.  Click here to request that an Entry Kit be emailed to you.

3. Determine Who or What You Want to Nominate, and in Which Categories

Decide which individuals, organizations, or work  that you will nominate, then select the most appropriate categories for those entries.  Contact the Stevie Awards office with your questions about the most appropriate categories, entry fees, entry deadline extensions, and so on.  Click here for contact information.

4. Use the 2018 Stevie-winning Entries as Models

2018 Gold Stevie-winning entries are examples of entries that judges scored highly, and we recommend that you emulate their style, tone, and structure.  Click here to go to the list of 2018 Stevie winners.

5. Prepare Your Entries

Stevie-winning entries are:

a. Well-written.  They are terse and succinct.  Their tone is modest, even when describing the most impressive accomplishments.
b. Focused on a few accomplishments.  Describe in detail just a few accomplishments, instead of listing many accomplishments in brief.
c. Accompanied by supporting information.  Provide links to online news stories, press releases, or other documents that support the claims made in your entries.

Stevie-winning entries are not:

a. Just about "extraordinary" accomplishments.  When you read through some of the 2018 Gold Stevie-winning entries you will see that many of them simply are about organizations and people that have performed well.  They are not about extraordinary, world-changing or industry-changing accomplishments.  Tell your story well, and support your claims, and the judges will score your entries highly.
a. Fluffy and hyperbolic.  Avoid flowery language and overblown claims.  The judges tend to deduct points for immodesty.

6. Submit Your Entries as Soon as Possible

Note the entry deadlines on the 2019 calendar.

7. Participate in the Judging Process

Apply to be a judge.  As a judge you will be able to see the entries submitted by many companies around the world, and you will develop a better sense of the types of entries that judges score highly.  (You will not be allowed to judge entries in categories in which you have submitted entries, however.)  Click here to complete the application form.

If your application is accepted you will be assigned categories based on your function and experience.  As a judge you will be able to judge as few or as many entries as you like, at your convenience, over the Internet.