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What Past Winners Have to Say

Madolyn JohnsonWinning a Stevie "shone a bright light on Signature HomeStyles’ mission to make a difference … one home at time. The Stevie Awards helped create more awareness about our company with articles appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Daily Herald, and other news outlets."
--- Madolyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Signature HomeStyles

Sandy Forster"It was a massive honour to be the first Australian woman to win a Stevie Award for Women in Business, and I’ve since gone on to win multiple Stevies.  I think back to the night I won my first Stevie and look at how much my business has expanded since, and feel honored to be recognized internationally for my achievements.”
--- Sandy Forster, founder and CEO of, Australia

Liz Ryan“I encourage every woman in business to explore the Stevie Awards program and consider nominating yourself or another worthy advocate for the awards. The Stevie Awards staff and community are incredibly supportive and insightful. Going through the nomination process is fun and generates powerful self-discovery. Take that step – find your voice!”
--- Liz Ryan, founder of Human Workplace

Valerie Herskowitz"The town where I lived at the time I received the award -- Davie, Florida --  was so proud of and impressed with my Stevie Award that they named a day after me!  I never could have anticipated that this type of recognition would elicit such a response from my community, and I am grateful that the judges acknowledged the importance of supporting those with autism.  Winning the Lifetime Achievement Stevie Award was one of the high points of my career."
--- Valerie Herskowitz, president of the Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Niamh Barker“Winning the Stevie Award was an enormous achievement for me and my business and continues to prove beneficial to our operations every day. I had no idea of the impact that winning this award would have on our business until I checked my e-mail from my hotel room the next morning and online orders had flooded in from across the USA.  We now have a growing and loyal customer base in America via online and retail outlets.  The Stevie Awards have definitely helped elevate our U.S. presence.”
--- Niamh Barker, founder and managing director of The Travelwrap Company, United Kingdom

Atsuko Sakamoto"Winning a Stevie Award raised customers' confidence in our business and our capabilities.  Our business has grown since winning the award.  The Stevie Award is a measure of our progress and success in the marketplace."
--- Atsuko Sakamoto, President, Primetime, Inc., Japan

Laureen Wishom
“Outside of being recognized as a best-selling author on, the Stevie Award has been my most recognized accolade.”
--- Dr. Laureen Wishom


Lisa Tener"In the increasingly competitive field of book coaching and book writing programs, my Stevie Awards make my services stand out from the pack--attracting the highest quality clients. Results include a leap in income, new opportunities and extensive press coverage. Prompted by the awards, the chairwoman of a National Women's Summit that I'd been trying to get into for years invited me to speak this year. Applying to the Stevies was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

--- Lisa Tener, creator of Bring Your Book to Life