New Product & Product Management Awards Categories


Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories in 2016 will include
a. An essay of up to 650 words describing the nominee's achievements since 1 January 2015 - or, in the case of a new product or service entry, the product or service itself: it's features, functions, benefits, and results to date. 

b. In bullet-list form, a brief summary (up to 150 words) of up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of the nominee since the beginning of 2015 - or, in the case of a new product or service, up to 10 of the nominated product's chief features and benefits.

c. Optional (but highly recommended), a collection of supporting files and web addresses that you may upload to our server to support your entry and provide more background information to the judges.  For new product/service entries these uploads and links might include product demonstration videos, product reviews, images, etc.

Best New Product or Service of the Year (for products and services introduced to the marketplace since 1 January 2015. Nominees may be brand new or new versions.)
J01. Business-to-Business Products
J02. Business-to-Business Services      
J03. Consumer Electronics
J04. Consumer Products
J05. Consumer Services
J06. Financial Services
J07. Hardware - Computer
J08. Hardware - Networking
J09. Hardware - Peripheral
J10. Hardware - Semiconductor or Other Electronic Component
J11. Hardware - Storage
J12. Hardware - Other
J13. Health & Pharmaceuticals - Product
J14. Health & Pharmaceutical - Service
J15. Industrial Products & Services
J16. Media & Entertainment - Product
J17. Media & Entertainment - Service
J18. Software - Asset Management Solution
J19. Software - Big Data Solution
J20. Software - Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution
J21. Software - Cloud Application/Service
J22. Software - Cloud Infrastructure
J23. Software - Cloud Platform
J24. Software - Cloud Storage & Backup Solution
J25. Software - Collaboration/Social Networking Solution
J26. Software - Content Management Solution
J27. Software - Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution
J28. Software - Electronic Commerce Solution
J29. Software - Financial Management Solution
J30. Software - Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution
J31. Software - Human Capital Management Solution
J32. Software - Integration Solution
J33. Software - International Data Protection Solution
J34. Software - Lead Generation Solution
J35. Software - Legal Information Solution
J36. Software - Marketing/Public Relations Solution
J37. Software - Mobile Development Solution
J38. Software - Mobile On-Demand Application
J39. Software - Mobile Operations Management Solution
J40. Software - Project Management Solution
J41. Software - Relationship Management Solution
J42. Software - Security Solution
J43. Software - Social Business Solution
J44. Software - Software Development Solution
J45. Software - Supply Chain Management Solution
J46. Software - Systems Management Solution
J47. Software - Web Services Solution
J48. Software - Other
J49. Telecommunications - Product
P50. Telecommunications - Service
P51. Transportation

J52. Product Development/Management Department or Team of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize everyone who works in product development or product management  in your organization, regardless of function, location, seniority or position - OR - if you you wish to recognize some subset of your entire product development/management organization, such as a specific product development, product marketing, or product support team, for example.  The team may be multidisciplinary, may stretch across multiple organizations (your own organization, client organizations, and agency or vendor organizations, for example), and may be a permanent team or a temporary team that was assembled only for a specific task or assignment.

J53. Product Development/Management Executive of the Year

Enter this category to recognize the achievements of product development and product management executives at the VP level or above.