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Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Orlando, FL
Company Description: Wyndham Vacation Ownership is the world’s largest vacation ownership business with resorts throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It develops, sells and finances vacation ownership interests through its five brands: CLUB WYNDHAM, WorldMark by Wyndham, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, Shell Vacations and Margaritaville Vacation Club®.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: National Sales Executive of the Year

Nomination Title: David Lee, Regional Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:


In a field of very strong regional sales vice presidents populating Wyndham Vacation Ownership’s (WVO) executive team, David Lee, regional senior vice president, is truly top-ranking. Each one of the sales sites for which he is responsible has readily surpassed budget this year.

His strategy with regard to developing the strengths of his associates has been supremely successful. He practices a “two-deep theory” in promoting others, advancing one set of employees into key roles and positions within his region while simultaneously training another set to be ready to step in if needed. This nominee has high energy, is willing to go the extra mile every day, and expects an equal commitment from his team members. He hates to lose more than he likes to win — and he really likes to win. He ensures each associate plays to his strengths, both as an individual and within a team, and he works hard to identify and develop areas of opportunity for each associate. He excels in his ability to understand market conditions, is keenly attuned to any emotional fluctuations within his sales team environment, and is empathetic to the needs of his people.

David’s sales philosophy is eminently pragmatic: “Get it done.” To that end, he practices servant leadership, a management concept that advocates sharing power, putting the needs of others first, and helping people develop and perform as highly as possible. He stays on top of his business daily, works both with and for his staff, and champions the advancement of others. He is hands-on and ever-vigilant, and he inspects what he expects to foster accountability. For that, and for his tireless efforts and support, he has earned his team members’ respect.

Virtually every one of the sites in his southeast region is subject to the whims of seasonality. Maintaining the proper amount of dedicated staff during the slow season, as well as enough highly-trained associates in the high season, is an emotional, financial, and managerial tightrope that must be walked each year. This nominee has done an exemplary job in working with his sales leaders to maintain the delicate balance needed to maximize every opportunity presented, no matter what time of year.

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