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Company: Revana
Entry Submitted By: TeleTech
Company Description: Revana is dedicated to helping companies invest in outcomes, not components. That's why Revana offers end-to-end revenue generation and sales solutions that include the best technology, people, and practices to help companies achieve two goals: •Customer acquisition •Customer growth and customer retention Revana drives all the pieces of the sales process.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Growth Achievement of the Year

Nomination Title: Revana: Intuit Grows Substantial QuickBooks Revenue in Online Sales Chat Channel

Tell the story about how your organization has improved its sales growth since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Begin the essay with the percentage growth in revenue and/or units during that period, over the prior year. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Collaboration is paramount when it comes to achieving substantial sales growth for an organization and Revana’s success is tied directly to its clients’ business outcomes. Revana’s close partnership with Intuit QuickBooks the past year has centered on the goal of increasing QuickBooks revenue through the online sales chat channel, an increasingly competitive area of business operations.

In the first full quarter (Aug-Oct, Q1 FY 15) of supporting 100% of Intuit’s U.S. QuickBooks online sales chat channel, Revana drove a 25% increase in units sold resulting in a 54% increase in chat influenced revenue. This year-over-year increase represented a $1.29 million increase in QuickBooks revenue and the growth was accomplished despite a 22% decrease in chat volume. And Q2 is showing even more amazing growth as the business tracks 83% vs. the prior year for chat influenced revenue.

The success was a direct result of optimizing sales efficiency throughout the sales channel led by the close partnership of key client leadership at Intuit and the Revana Operations team. Chris Simmons, Group Marketing Director at Intuit said, “The TeleTech/Revana leadership team has been both responsive and proactive to help drive outcomes. The team is first aligned with Intuit’s primary objective to drive customer delight. That’s fueling great conversations. Then, they collaborated with our internal sales teams to drive innovation to the process. As a result, we’ve seen a significant increase in conversion rates and, ultimately, the number of customers we can help get into the right QuickBooks solution.”

Revana laid the groundwork for the Intuit partnership through a pilot launched in March 2014 to compete against incumbent chat sales teams supported both on and off shore by other business processing outsourcers (BPOs). The company hired 15 representatives in its Ennis, Texas location and assigned a tenured manager to run the program on site with other experienced leads. Within the first four weeks of production, the Ennis team was at parity with other outsource partners at about 90% to goal. By the end of the three-month pilot, the team had surpassed other partners and introduced new best practices and reporting and value-add above standard key performance indicators (KPIs). And importantly, the team demonstrated to Intuit leadership the ability to diagnose issues and then proactively improve – fast.

In August 2014, Intuit and Revana partnered to launch a 60 person program split between Tempe, Arizona and Pampanga, Philippines to support chat. Within the first weeks of full launch, it was decided to bring on four “Specialty” groups selling Enterprise Solutions, Payroll, Merchant Account Services and Point-of-Sale Systems, which grew headcount to 80. In October, Revana added support for two additional groups, UK and Canada chat sales for, bringing the final headcount to 95.

Revana was able to increase outputs for Intuit by executing the best practicesestablished in its sales playbook, optimizing staffing, and continued development and utilization of the Salesforce dashboard. The results are even more impressive considering the sales agents were all in their first full quarter working on the Intuit sales growth program.

Program Awards/Acknowledgements:

• Record sales on post-Thanksgiving week – $429K over revenue goal or 240% to target
• Increased POS conversion quarter over quarter to 124% to goal
• Implemented action plan in PCS LOB to increase average weekly revenue output by 17%
• Increased IFSP Close Rate 112% quarter over quarter

Team Metrics: Intuit Sales Chat

• 141% to total QuickBooks revenue goal
• 108% to overall Chat conversion goal

Leadership: Judi Hand

In April 2007, Judi Hand was appointed President and General Manager of Revana, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech.

Hand has over 20 years experience in sales, service, and marketing to business and consumer customers at all levels. Her previous executive experience includes SVP of Enterprise Sales at AT&T, VP of AT&T Business Services for small and mid-sized markets, SVP of Sales and Customer Care at Qwest for small business and consumer markets.

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