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Mark Sorensen, Marketecture

SASCS How to EnterCompany: Marketecture, Orem, UT
Entry Submitted By: e-Harbor Inc.
Company Description: Marketecture is a Web software and search-engine marketing company that provides online tools for professionals, affiliate marketers, real estate agents and investors, mortgage brokers and e-commerce retailers. Marketecture specializes in SEO, SEM and Web-design services. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah with a 300-percent increase in revenue in 2009.
Nomination Category: Sales Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Manager of the Year

Nomination Title: Mike Sorensen, Sales Manager

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July last year (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Mike Sorensen is the Sales Manager of Marketecture. He has always been a top
performer in the sales department from starting as an entry-level lead setter to
working his way up to sales manager. In the past year, he has proven himself to
be a viable asset to the company and a manager who takes the initiative to make
improvements. Through his management, Mike’s team has doubled in sales revenue,
met sales records and improved its sales process. Mike is a valuable part to the
company for his expert knowledge on Marketecture’s products, his ability to
train his sales team and his canny ability to effectively sell to customers and
educate company partners. Mike’s successive hard work ethic has resulted in the

•Doubled Sales Revenue: Despite the sluggish economy, Mike was able to double
his team’s sales revenue this past year. He accomplished this through strategic
approaches to developing leads and finding the best ways to approach them. He
thoroughly researches a set of leads to increase the chances of success for his
sales representatives. Mike has managed to lead his team to consecutive high
sales months and help the company grow in revenue by 300% for 2009.

•Improved Products: Not only is he a salesman, but Mike also improves the
products Marketecture sells. Since Mike is always one-on-one with customers, he
sees firsthand if a product has a glitch in it or needs something to make it
more appeasing. Taking the initiative to make improvements, he did some market
research to create new features on products to help his sales team performance.
With the help of Marketecture’s developers, Mike created new features on
products to improve the sales results of his team.

•Met Sales Records: Mike has hit almost every sales record at the company
and currently holds the record for the largest single sale and the highest
number of consecutive sales days. He achieves many sales through his ability to
communicate well with customers and setting high goals each month for himself
and his team.

•Refined Sales Techniques: Getting every person on the sales team to succeed is
important to Mike. To ensure everyone is meeting their quotas, he trains and
mentors representatives to continually improve their sales technique. Mike
regularly listens into calls with individual sales representatives to give them
feedback on how they can improve on future calls. He motivates his team to go
the extra mile in their work resulting in sales representatives coming in during
the weekends in order to meet sales quotas.

•Educated Company Partners: Partners have become a vital aspect to Marketecture’s
operations and have relied greatly on Mike’s know how to help partners do well
with the company’s products. Mike has trained and educated major company
partners on Marketecture products and sales techniques. Mike’s extensive
knowledge on all Marketecture products has helped him gain and retain important
company partners, resulting in higher revenue profits for the company.

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Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the nominee:

Mike has been with Marketecture for four years starting as an entry-level lead
setter for sale and worked his way up to be the sales manager. Mike holds a
Bachelor’s of Science degree in accounting from Utah Valley University and was
on the prestigious Presidential Ambassador scholarship during his time there. He
has been married for four and a half years and recently had his first baby girl
in July.