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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company:, Scottsdale, AZ
Company Description: Go Daddy helps individuals and businesses succeed online. Go Daddy is the world’s top Web hosting* and domain name provider serving nearly 11 million customers, many of whom are small business owners looking to leverage the Internet. *Source: 451 Research (Mass-Market Hosting Report-Fall 2012)
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Online Sales Team of the Year

Nomination Title: GoDaddy Online Sales Team of the Year

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, has a long history of providing superior around-the-clock customer support. This year, we challenged ourselves to create an Online Sales and Support Team that was complementary to our world-class customer support.

We’ve always been here to help our more than 12 million customers grow online. In fact, the first sentence in GoDaddy’s mission statement describes our new level of commitment: “We are here to help our customers kick ass.”

While GoDaddy excelled with personalized technical customer support by telephone, we wanted to improve the depth of our online options to include “live chat.” This would greatly reduce turnaround time, while maintaining our personalized touchpoint with customers.

Soon after the 2014 Super Bowl, we piloted our new Online Chat Support team that consisted of 30 agents. Our customer response was emphatically positive and our sales growth with the chat platform has been phenomenal.

In 2014, our updated Online Experience team surpassed 13 million in bookings, with the highest new revenue percentage out of all our customer care departments. That’s an increase of almost 2,000 percent! Over the past three months, the customer satisfaction survey results for Online Sales and Support have increased more than 55 percent. They now maintain the highest average in the company.

Our Online Experience department now includes more than 225 representatives assisting customers throughout the day. We have specialized support teams handling a variety of customer interaction points. These teams include:

• Proactive front-of-site support agents reach out to users browsing on
• Reactive sales and support agents respond to incoming chat messages posted on
• In-application chat support agents help customers logged into their GoDaddy applications with any technical concerns they have.

Having an immediate positive influence on customer interactions is critical to our success as a business. So, we ensured that incentivizing and rewarding our new Online Sales and Support task force was a focus throughout the year.

In July of 2014, we invited the top 10 percent of our Online Experience team to attend our first annual Luminary gala. The Luminaries is a celebration of exemplary performance. The winners consist of customer care representatives who understand and demonstrate what it means to “help our customers kick ass.” We recognized our Online Sales and Support team deserved that level of recognition.

Our Online Experience team now qualifies for more company incentive contests than they ever had in the past because they contribute substantially to our company revenue stream. This year, we rewarded members of Online Sales and Support with prizes such as Costco shopping sprees, new cars and trips across the country.

And finally, with our flexible nature of our Online Experience team, we often task these colleagues to pilot new initiatives that might be harder to test on teams with higher headcounts. These pilot programs help us measure customer engagement and help us determine product marketing and positioning strategies.

Customer care is at the very heart of GoDaddy’s business. With a renewed focus on Online Sales and Support, GoDaddy aims to increase the levels of service offered to GoDaddy’s new and existing customers.

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