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DenizBank Social Customer Care

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: DenizBank A.S.
Company Description: DenizBank is established in 1997, has moved to 5th place among private banks in Turkey by 2013. It has been acquired by Sberbank in 2012. DenizBank further strengthen its position in the market by acquiring Citibank Turkey Retail Banking in 2013. Currently Bank has 14,000 employees and 7.1 million customers. Its strategy is based on innovative solutions aiming best customer experience.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: e-Commerce Customer Service Award

Nomination Title: DenizBank Social Customer Care

Tell the story about your e-commerce-based customer service initiatives since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Turkish population of 77 million is extremely tech-savvy with 41% below age thirty and 31 million Facebook users. DenizBank foresees the future to be at digital and social space, with this vision full circle Social Customer Care is launched in 2013.

Carefully selected and dedicated Social Customer Care team is trained on social network, lingo, response phycology, photo and profile analysis techniques. Team’s know-how on latest social trends is refreshed continuously.

Every touch is carefully planned with flexible but pre-defined processes, language and strategies to ensure interaction with no intrusion.

With intelligent routing, warning and escalation logic this service also pro-actively prevents potential reputational risks that can arise from social media.

DenizBank Social Customer Care has four fundamentals:

Human Touch:

Giving the sense of human touch is key to success. We aim to build emotional bond at every interaction. We deep dive to comments using big data and memory of previous interactions to give truly personalized responses. Rich response library that can be customized for each unique case is Agent’s biggest guide to respond genuinely while complying with corporate standards.


Tailor-made solution can only be offered by understanding customer insight with data analytics. This enables predictions about future behavior, preferences and financial needs of the customer. All these data, interaction memory and radar on customer’s other related social media comments are displayed in a very practical screen to the Agent. This enables Agents to go beyond what customer mentions and understand root cause to offer pin point solutions and alternate proposals.


DenizBank gives the fastest Social Customer Care in the market. The service is accessible 24/7 with average response time of 20 minutes (our SLA is 1 hour). The system does real time full circle social media comment tracking. When a mention or hashtag is caught, job is immediately assigned to the specialized Agent. If the comment has potential reputational risk, system escalates the case automatically. The system is fully integrated on just in time basis with bank’s processes, systems and other customer touch points.


We believe any social network strategy can only succeed if it is formulated on the principle of transparency. All the comments including the negative ones and our responses are completely transparent. The team acts on pre-defined response guidelines that are prepared with the principle of treating customers fairly.

Social Customer Care not only increased customer satisfaction but also resulted in significant optimization on how we handle customer cases.

Through automated end to end processes our response time is now 20 minutes which is nine times better than the market average. This has increased agent productivity by 26%.

After Social Customer Care is launched, satisfaction increased by 25% among customers who comment on social networks.

We track hashtags and mentions from sixteen different social media networks. This has enabled us to process 19% incremental interactions with less number of agents.The automated prioritization through the system eliminates irrelevant comments so the agents can put targeted focus on actual cases. This has resulted in 13% FTE saving.

As DenizBank announced this year “Digital Year”, we aim to be the trend setter in today’s connected world, where mobile devices make the world more compact hence, banking services are not limited to branches or buildings anymore. We give upmost importance to offering alternative touch points such as social media. Business targets can only be met with happier customers, as an outcome of our “human” centered approach we give continues focus on user friendly technologies and simple processes that bring unique needs of customers at its core.

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