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Buildium, Boston, MA

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Buildium, Boston, MA
Company Description: Buildium is a software company founded in 2004 that creates and supports accounting software for property managers. We focus on small to midsize residential property management companies with a commitment to supporting small businesses by helping them become more efficient with technology. Our customer service and support is central to our mission to deliver a world class experience. Thanks!
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Young Customer Service Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: Jeana Pondelli, Buildian/Customer Service Rock Star

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Jeana joined Buildium in November 2012 and quickly became an indispensable member of our customer care team. From the beginning she has been a top performer, handling the highest percentage of volume in her third month with the team which was during our peak period, while consistently maintaining top customer ratings as measured by Hively.

While maintaining this level of performance, she has also taken an active role in shaping the direction of the department within the past year as she takes on additional responsibilities and far exceeds our expectations. Her primary focus is and always has been giving the customer the best answer in the fastest way possible, which she always does with a positive attitude. These attributes add up to a rock star customer service agent.

Since we can’t find a way to clone Jeana, we did the next best thing - we got her involved in training new agents with the idea that a little bit of her work ethic, quick thinking, and upbeat personality would rub off on them, and it did. Our new agents all display these characteristics, and are drawn to Jeana for help with their questions.

Jeana consequently responded by becoming a valuable mentor at a key time for us as a department. In the last year, we’ve added ten agents, nearly doubling our headcount from last year. We desperately needed a steady and experienced hand on the floor and she owns that role without complaint. Jeana has helped us refine these processes and improve the way we get agents ready to support a very complex product. As we rapidly add new customers and our support volume increases, Jeana has reduced the resources and amount of time taken for us to get new agents trained up and ready for the phones. Thanks to Jeana, we have taken our on-boarding and training to a new level making it a core competency for our department as we expand.

Jeana also plays a key role in how we train our customers. We offer our customers the opportunity to schedule one on one calls with an experienced agent for more in depth training and support at an additional fee, and Jeana started conducting these sessions within her first year. Jeana also became our first agent to conduct an on site training session. She spent two hours at a local customer’s office training their staff on all there is to know about Buildium.

Jeana’s training extends beyond the new customer care agents and the new customers, she also takes an active role in training all new Buildium employees. We are a rapidly growing company with new hires walking in the door every week in every department from Human Resources to Engineering. As a company, we want to make sure all new Buildians fully understand our product, who our customers are, and how they use Buildium to grow their businesses. Jeana owns all of these introductory onboarding sessions which is valuable for Buildium not only because of her product knowledge but because of the positive and customer-focused attitude she brings to those conversations. She helps all new employees understand our company values and how important Customer Care is to our organizational health.

Whether it is with our customers or fellow Buildians, Jeana makes the rest of us on the team look good. Not only is she a world class agent for us, she is someone who is already a key cornerstone of the department as we continue to find new ways to deliver legendary service to all of our customers. Jeana represents the very best of Buildium and lives our company core values of integrity, simplicity, balance, service, and ownership, allowing her to provide the highest quality of service possible. If you have the opportunity to meet her, you will see in seconds why Jeana deserves this award. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognize our best!

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