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BlueConic, Boston, MA

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: BlueConic, Boston, MA
Entry Submitted By: Version 2.0 Communications
Company Description: BlueConic is the go-to online engagement solution enabling companies to optimize their customers’ journeys. Using the BlueConic platform, brands can target each individual customer with relevant messages based on their specific profile, which leads to a better customer experience and improved conversion rates.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Solution – New

Nomination Title: BlueConic: Dramatically improving the customer experience through real-time personalization

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and sales to date:

Marketers are slowly losing track of their customers, and who can blame them? Channel hopping, anonymity and multiple silos combined with short and scattered online sessions have made customers difficult to follow, and as a result, nearly impossible to engage with in a unified way. Today’s buying journey is a complex one that often takes a customer from mobile apps to online sites to in-store browsing before they decide to buy. Marketers are then left trying to create a personalized experience for a customer who expects relevant content, often without even knowing how they last engaged with the brand. BlueConic’s customer engagement platform provides a solution for this challenge by enabling marketers to keep pace with customers at every touchpoint. The result? Impactful experiences even in the shortest moments of interaction between a visitor and a brand that ultimately lead to increased conversion rates.

BlueConic takes personalization up a notch by continuously guiding online visitors from their very first click, even for those 95 percent of visitors that are anonymous because they’ve yet to sign in or identify themselves. The company’s platform leverages every scrap of information at the early stages of the buying cycle to give marketers what they need to turn a quick browsing session into a full blown purchase. The BlueConic platform operates in real time and learns about a visitor by “listening” to their every move to personalize their experience and better suit their needs and interests.

Two core BlueConic processes, Continuous Profiling and Continuous Dialogues, enable brands to provide a more relevant experience. BlueConic runs Continuous Profiling by creating Progressive Profiles. Progressive Profiles are individual profiles outlining customer behavior across channels, based off three core values: activity, sentiment and identity. This enables BlueConic to better understand each visitor and determine their best next experience. This is driven by Continuous Dialogues, a communication stream that can pick up the customer conversation from channel to channel. This type of interaction was never possible in the past because separate marketing applications behind each channel were making the marketer’s view of customers very splintered and unclear.

Over the summer, BlueConic saw tremendous momentum by introducing mobile app listening to its platform, allowing marketers for the first time to sync individual customer data from mobile with customer data on the web to drive revenue from mobile data.

Following the introduction of mobile app listening, BlueConic disrupted the testing and optimization space by introducing self-learning optimization, an algorithm-based approach that removes the need for time-intensive and expensive testing by enabling messages to automatically optimize. As a result, marketers can increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent when compared to traditional A/B testing and organizations across industries are taking note.

Consider, for example, a large automotive company with a plethora of scattered customer data. For this company, customer buying cycles involve multiple visits across channels, leaving information stored across various silos. Using BlueConic, the automotive brand can merge this data to one place, painting a complete picture of each customer. This allows the auto company to determine what type of customer they’re interacting with at which phase of the buying process to deliver a tailored experience that improves overall conversion from online visitor to loyal customer. As a result, the auto company is able to personalize offers, web content and even deliver a personalized experience at the very moment the individual walks into a dealership and uses his or her smartphone to access the company’s website.

Large brands such as Volvo, ING, Ahold, BNP Paribas, Volkswagen and Pitney Bowes trust BlueConic for their personalized marketing needs. BlueConic expanded into the U.S. market from the Netherlands earlier this year and moved its headquarters to Boston.

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