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Artificial Solutions, Stockholm, Sweden

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Artificial Solutions, Stockholm, Sweden
Entry Submitted By: Marylebone Media Relations Limited
Company Description: Artificial Solutions is the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction. Its patented technology enables people to hold two-way meaningful conversations with applications and services running on computers, mobile technology and other electronic devices in a humanlike, intelligent manner.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: IVR or Web Service Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Teneo Virtual Assistant

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and sales to date:

Artificial Solutions enables the creation of highly intelligent, self-learning virtual assistants. Using its unique Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology, organisations can create sophisticated digital employees that can reason, analyse and react to deliver the ultimate personalised user experience.

Operating system and device independent, Artificial Solutions revolutionary approach enables business users and developers to create multi-lingual virtual assistants in record time without the need for specialist computational linguistic skills. From answering queries, cross-selling and updating back-end systems to interacting with third-party applications and delivering actionable user data insight, a Teneo Virtual Assistant doesn’t just reduced costs, but delivers a better customer experience.

Memorable Humanlike Interaction

The Bosch service assistant powered by Teneo makes it easy for customers to troubleshoot an issue with an appliance or arrange a service call via its website. In addition, the assistant can also help with more complex issues such as checking a warranty’s validity when there is no proof of purchase available.

The memory capability within Artificial Solutions’ patented technology enables the assistant to remember pertinent facts during the conversation, allowing the customer to have a more natural interaction. For instance “where can I find it?”, might seem a meaningless question out of context, but the Teneo Virtual Assistant understands from the conversation leading to this point that the customer is actually asking where a specific warranty code on a dishwasher is placed and will answer accordingly.

Contextual Understanding

Jana, who resides on Deutsche Post’s website can distinguish between business and private customers and is able to independently select the answers from Deutsche Post’s knowledge base, allowing the user to receive competent answers and prompt solutions anytime of the day.

“The classic approach of virtual assistants responding to keywords is nowhere near good enough for online customer service,” says Petra Weber, Customer Service Manager, E-Post. “Some words have several meanings or in colloquial language different words have similar meanings, such as postage and price. Only intelligent search engines using semantic analytics such as Teneo can recognize and interpret the context correctly. Also, data such as the user’s location, time of the day or information from previous conversations must also be considered.”

Rapid, Easy Development

Developed using the resources of just three content managers, Julia not only helps customers, but provides vital, insightful data back to Kabel Deutschland.

“Julia is a new communication channel that enables us to offer our customers personalized, round the clock support,” says Dr. Sören Trebst, Kabel Deutschland. “The advanced automation within the Teneo platform made it possible for us to be in control of the project and its future development from the start, without needing to understand the complexities of computational linguistics. Other features such as simultaneous editing the knowledge database, visual representation of conversation flows and fast publication of updates ensures maintaining Julia is quick and easy.”

Delivering Business Insight

In addition, Julia delivers actionable information back to the cable operator. Using Teneo, Kabel Deutschland can analyze conversations and even instruct Julia to ask specific questions such as favorite TV genre if the opportunity arises. Providing detailed information, almost in real-time allows Kabel Deutschland to respond faster to potential opportunities and have a deeper understanding of its customers’ profile.

Online carparts retailer Skruvat, is using Teneo to gain greater understanding of its customers’ requirements. By analyzing the log files of Skruvat’s live agent chats and inbound emails, Teneo is able to reveal what additional information the customer needed before completing the order. Missing information is then added to the website, reducing future interactions to the contact centre.

Built for the Future

One of the problems for organizations today is the speed with which the capabilities of smartphones and the increase of web based communities has grown, and it with the shift in social behavior and increased customer expectations. Teneo helps overcome this by providing a proven platform that enables for virtual assistants to be easily used over mobile, wearables and more.

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