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How to EnterCompany: Aprimo, Indianapolis, IN
Entry Submitted By: Greenough Communications
Company Description: As the marketing world undergoes revolutionary change, Aprimo® is committed to providing consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketers with software applications to help you navigate the change. Aprimo promises customers a commitment to continue providing a high level of service and to invest in solid product advances.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Aprimo continues to lead the marketing revolution

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Marketing is in the midst of a revolution. Tight budgets, a growing number of
marketing channels and technologies, and individualized customer demands mean
marketers today face challenges on all fronts. The industry is changing, and
many are now questioning the very definition of the marketing function.

In August of 2011, Aprimo’s two core marketing software products – Aprimo
Relationship Manager and Aprimo Marketing Studio – were overhauled to lead the
way through the marketing revolution. Both systems made upgrades to better equip
users for the rigors of a new era in marketing. The new version of Aprimo
Relationship Manager (ARM) features tools and functionality that allow marketers
to integrate multiple marketing channels into a single cohesive campaign. One
significant update was an enhanced user interface that creates efficiencies in
campaign management, allowing marketers to ramp campaigns up more quickly and
spend more time on strategy. Another set of adaptations are ARM’s streamlined
reporting and dashboards. These tools offer users better analysis of their
campaigns in real time, which helps them adjust offer management on the fly.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ARM is now fully integrated with Aprimo
Marketing Operations to enable faster campaign turnaround times and increased
productivity at a lower cost.

Aprimo Marketing Studio (AMS) has likewise undergone significant upgrades to
help users manage their campaigns more efficiently during the marketing
revolution. A new mobile access feature allows marketers to easily view AMS
campaigns from anywhere, using mobile devices to be as productive on the go as
they are in the office. Enhanced online help also makes AMS users more
efficient by improving the tool’s navigation and search time. Like ARM, the most
critical upgrade to AMS is the software’s new integrated functionality. With a
single sign-on, users can simultaneously log into AMS and ARM, helping meet the
two key criteria for a marketing revolution-enabled team: streamlined campaign
management and cost savings.

The market has responded to these new versions of ARM and AMS positively.
Aprimo’s revamped core products are critical to success in the belt-tightening
era of marketing, and Aprimo’s customers have appreciated the timely
enhancements. With an integrated approach, marketers are now able to take on the
challenges of the marketing revolution and excel.

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Lisa Arthur is the chief marketing officer at Aprimo, one of the world’s leading
providers of integrated marketing software and services. Using Aprimo solutions,
Lisa directs product marketing, communications and demand generation strategies
as well as initiatives to demonstrate the value of marketing and the return on
marketing investment. A 25-year industry veteran, Lisa also served as CMO for
Akamai Technologies and Mindjet. She spent nearly seven years at Oracle, where
as a Vice President of Marketing, she managed the market entry and growth for
Oracle CRM and drove market initiatives for all Oracle services, including its
E-Business Suite On-Demand.