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Company: Aprimo, Indianapolis, IN
Entry Submitted by: Greenough Communications
Company Description: As the marketing world undergoes revolutionary change, Aprimo® is committed to providing consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketers with software applications to help you navigate the change. Aprimo promises customers a commitment to continue providing a high level of service and to invest in solid product advances.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Aprimo Marketing Studio® On Demand

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With new social media channels appearing daily, the dreaded "revolving door," of
the CMO position, and the constant demand to prove ROI while doing more with
less, today's marketers live in turbulent times.  Known as a catalyst of
marketing innovation and leadership, Aprimo continues to expand that role with
the introduction this year of Aprimo Marketing Studio® On Demand, a suite of
Integrated Marketing Management applications.  From day one, Aprimo's vision has
been to give B2B and B2C marketers a single solution to integrate all of their
marketing, including people, processes, channels and technology. AMS™ On Demand
is a cloud-based option that allows marketers to:
•     Accelerate time to market for revenue-generating campaigns, product
launches, and strategic brand initiatives;
•     Enable smarter decisions across the enterprise by leveraging data to
gain insights, recognize emerging opportunities and respond quickly;
•     Optimize and deliver successful campaigns seamlessly across all digital
channels; and
•     Streamline operations to drive more effective marketing.

Aprimo has more than 150,000 professional users worldwide, including over 36
percent of the Fortune 100, for its Integrated Marketing Management solutions,
more than all other integrated marketing software vendors combined. Since its
cloud-based product was introduced, Aprimo has signed over 70 new customers
representing nearly every industry vertical and touching every corner of the
globe. Customers have collectively marketed to more than 42 million individuals,
completed more than 1.4 million unique tasks and created more than 100,000
reports within the system.

Aprimo has quickly established the same respect in on demand that it has long
held as leader in on-premise integrated marketing solutions, becoming the go-to
choice in on-demand for many of the world's leading brands, including Johnson
Financial Group, the $6 billion parent of Johnson Bank and other companies;
Biomet, a global leader in the manufacture of orthopedic and biotechnology
products; and SuperValu, a leader in the grocery retailing industry whose brands
include Shaw's, Shop 'n Save and Albertsons. 

Unlike competitive offerings that focus on stand-alone lead management, Aprimo
takes a holistic view of marketing from the planning and operational stage
through execution to reporting and optimization. AMS™ On Demand supports this
approach as it allows customers to keep all online and offline marketing
activities, the associated attachments, supporting documents, costs and
marketing assets in one knowledge base. This complete view is required to
evaluate a company’s marketing portfolio, efficiently manage resources and
optimize marketing ROI. Aprimo builds its product to scale in multiple
dimensions - contact database, amount of activity, campaign segmentation
complexity, email volume and users. This creates a true partnership between
various departments in an organization, thereby driving efficient companies. 

In the past year, Aprimo also launched a new offering, Aprimo Mobile, which
enables marketers to manage critical initiatives like campaigns, activities and
reports generated in AMS™ On Demand from any smartphone device, including the
iPad™, iPhone® and BlackBerry® and DROID™ devices.  This is the first mobile
marketing solution that lets marketers keep campaigns moving, regardless of
location, and make better, more informed decisions from the road.

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Bill Godfrey, Chairman and CEO, is the visionary driving Aprimo's strategic
direction and 13 years of record growth.  In 1998, he co-founded Aprimo as the
first software company focused on digitizing the end-to-end marketing value
chain. Under his leadership, Aprimo has created the markets now known as
Marketing Resource Management and Enterprise Marketing Management and enjoys
continuing market leadership.

Godfrey is co-founder of the TechPoint Foundation, which helps prepare at-risk
youth for success in the global information economy.  Godfrey earned a MBA
degree from the University of Notre Dame and bachelor's and master's degrees
from the University of Kentucky.