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2006 Winners' Circle

Resources for 2006 Finalists & Stevie Award Winners

Below are several resources available to 2006 Finalists and Stevie Award winners to help you publicize your achievement to the world, including a logo and press release template.    

2006 Stevie Winner & Finalist Logos

Display the one of these logos on your web site, in your sales presentations, etc.  There are also larger, hi-res JPEG images of the logos that you may use for print production such as on your stationery and marketing literature.

If you use a logo on your web site, please link it to open in a new browser window.

Limitations: Logo shall be used only for identifying a company as being named a 2006 Finalist or Stevie winner. It may not be used on promotional items, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc. Also, it may not be modified or altered.

Finalist:   Small JPEG (5K)   Large JPEG (18K)   Hi-Res JPEG  (64K)
Winner:   Small JPEG (5K)   Large JPEG (18K)   Hi-Res JPEG  (64K)

If you have questions regarding promotional items or unique uses, please contact or +1 703-547-8389.

SPSEA06 Finalist Logo

SPSEA06 Finalist Logo

2006 Press Release Templates

Download a template that you may use to write a press release announcing your company's achievement.  Limitations: if you issue a press release based on this template, do not alter the paragraphs highlighted in red if you choose to use them.

SPSEA06WinnerReleaseTemplate.doc (32K)

SPSEA06FinalistReleaseTemplate.doc (32K)