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Web Site Awards Categories

Recognizing excellence in web sites and blogs.   There is no eligibility timeframe for these categories - it doesn't matter when the site or blog was first published.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories in the 2019 competition include

a. An essay of up to 200 words describing the site's purpose and achievements

b. A link to the site, which you must attach to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool.  If your site is not publicly available (i.e. it's private or password protected), upload a video of up to three (3) minutes that demonstrates the features and functions of your site

c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your site - a list of the people and organizations that contribute to its development

Industry Categories

P05.    Accounting
P06.    Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations
P07.    Aerospace & Defense
P08.    Automotive & Transport Equipment
P09.    Banking
P10.    Business or Professional Services
P11.    Chemicals
P12.    Computer Hardware
P13.    Computer Software
P14.    Computer Services
P15.    Conglomerates
P16.    Consumer Products - Durables
P17.    Consumer Products - Non-Durables
P18.    Diversified Services
P19.    Electronics
P20.    Energy
P21.    Financial Services
P22.    Food & Beverage
P23.    Health Products & Services
P24.    Hospitality & Leisure
P25.    Insurance
P26.    Legal
P27.    Manufacturing
P28.    Materials & Construction
P29.    Media & Entertainment
P30.    Metals & Mining
P31.    Non-Profit Organizations, including Charities and Government
P32.    Pharmaceuticals
P33.    Real Estate
P34.    Retail
P35.    Telecommunications
P36.    Transportation
P37.    Utilities

Specialty Categories

P40. Best Blog
P41. Best Email Newsletter
P42. Best Events Website
P43. Best User Experience
P44. Best User Interface
P45. Best Web Writing/Content
P46. Best Home/Welcome Page
P47. Best Investor Relations Site
P48. Best Overall Web Design
P49. Best Online Press Room
P50. Best Training Site
P51. Best Use of Video or Moving Image
F52. Best Facebook Fanpage or Group
F53. Best Use of Instagram
P54. Best Twitter Feed