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Resources for 2004 International Stevie Winners & Finalists

Below are several resources available to 2004 International Stevie Winners and Finalists to help you publicize your achievement to the world, including 2004 Stevie Winner and Finalist Logos and press release templates. 


2004 International Stevie Winner & Finalist Logos

Display the 2004 Stevie Winner or Stevie Finalist logo on your web site, in your sales presentations, etc..  There are also larger JPEG images of the logos that you may use for print production such as your stationery and marketing literature.

If you use a logo on your web site, please link it to open The Stevie Awards in a new browser window.

Limitations: Logos shall be used only for identifying a company as being named a 2004 International Stevie Winner or Finalist. They cannot be used on promotional items, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc. Also, they cannot be modified or altered.

Winner:   Small JPEG (24K)   Large JPEG (63K)
Finalist:   Small JPEG (24K)   Large JPEG (63K)

For any questions regarding promotional items or unique uses, please contact or (212) 946-4773.

Stevie Winner Logo

International Stevie Finalist Logo


2004 International Stevie Winner & Finalist Press Release Templates

Download a template that you may use to write a press release announcing your company's achievement.  Limitations: if you issue a press release based on this template, do not alter the paragraphs highlighted in red.

IBA04StevieWinnerReleaseTemplate.doc (32K)

IBA04FinalistReleaseTemplate.doc (32K)








For any questions about Awards publicity, you may contact:

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