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OPET - HSE Program of the Year

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Company: OPET, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Hooper Consulting International is the representative of the Stevie Awards in Turkey.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year - in Europe

Nomination Title: OPET's 'Traffic Detectives'

Tell the story about this nominated health, safety and environment program as it has been carried out since 1 January 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Turkey loses about 10,000 lives every year due to road traffic accidents, according to recently published WHOGlobal Status Report on Road Safety:

-Fatality rate of 13 deaths/100,000 population
-Most deaths (55%) are drivers/passengers of commercial vehicles; pedestrians constitute 19% of fatalities
-Road traffic injuries 500,000+ yearly; children are most vulnerable victims
-Despite laws on speed, blood alcohol concentration, seat-belt and helmet wearing, they are inadequately enforced


OPET, the third largest petrol company in Turkey, “took the bull by the horns” to create a public safety program for its employees along with the nation’s children and their families to reduce traffic accidents and create safe drivers for the future.


Opet’s Traffic Safety provided traffic education to children&young people, making them honorary “Traffic Detectives.”

Specifically, OPET aspired to:

-increase traffic safety awareness&habits amongst its own employees
-position OPET as foremost&most trustworthy messenger of public safety information
-increase public awareness and sensitivity regarding impact of careless driving through a comprehensive PR program
-involve 10,000 employees and volunteers
-involve&train no less than 1.5 million children as safety ambassadors
-reach 4.5 million families indirectly


Project Stakeholders:

The stakeholders played an active role addressing distribution of provinces, schools, and trainers.

-Ministry of Family and Social Policies
-Ministry of the Interior
-Ministry of National Education
-Department of Religious Affairs
-General Directorate of Security
-Police Spouses Association for Unification and Mutual Assistance (PEKAY)

Employee Participation

A total of 15,405 employees and volunteers participated in the safety education and training initiative:

-20 Top executives
-15 Partner related executives
-Corporate communications & marketing teams
-7,500 Station attendants
-10 Managers
-60 Employee volunteers
-7,800 Voluntary Inspectors (OPET customers)

Training the Trainer

Train-the-trainers Courses: A five-day train-the-trainers course was offered to police officers who would train employees and young people at the local level throughout Turkey’s 81 provinces

Children’s Training

A “Traffic Detective” concept was conceived to help reduce road fatalities and injuries by creating awareness about safe driving and traffic rules.
-TRAINING PROGRAM - Classroom training given to 3-6, 7-12 and 13-17 age groups with tailor-made modular presentations and exercises

INCENTIVES around the theme of traffic given participating children, youths, and schools ensured the retention of the project
-Graduates received personalized ID cards to establish their legitimacy

PORTAL set up where interactive post-training missions were assigned, requiring execution of real-world tasks and traffic inspections

TONE of messages directly addressing the children and calling them to duty heightened their sense of duty regarding traffic safety and to promote loyalty

BRANDING A song was specially composed for the project and a dance routine was choreographed to go with it

INSPECTIONS Training graduates visit OPET stations and participate with traffic police in roadside traffic inspections, especially during busy holidays

360-degree Public Education

-Press meetings
-Press releases/interviews
-Digital media
-Publicity videos on national channels, thematic children’s channels, local channels
-Announcements: radio spots
-Training/announcements on OPET’sTraffic Detectives Facebook page
-Tips on traffic safety on OPET Facebook page/Twitter account
-Company announcements
-Dealership pamphlet
-Project announcements on stakeholder websites


Using employees AND children/young people as safety brand ambassadors was highly unique in Turkey, with a child-centric culture that would value a message delivered by children.

Having police officers from the traffic inspection division who had received certificates (after completing a train-the-trainers course) deliver the training was another distinctive aspect.


…spurred a “Seat Belt” subproject:


-7,800 notices sent to honorary OPET inspectors
-1,083 OPET stations notified
-4 million OPET card holders received promotional e-mails and SMS messages texting “Don’t forget to buckle your seat belt”
-16,100 Traffic Detectives and families informed by e-mail


OPET is more than pleased with its tangible contribution to raising a generation that is more aware of traffic safety. All objectives were surpassed:

-3 million children and youths involved and trained (goal: 1.5 million)
-9 million families reached indirectly

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) chief achievements since 1 January 2016 of the nominated health, safety and environment program (up to 150 words).


-15,405 OPET employees and volunteers participated (54% more than goal of 10,000)
-Unusual program support via training given to attendants at 1,083 OPET petrol stations, school teachers, school bus drivers
-Public education perpetuated in 661 stories in print media, 54 TV, yielding 715 exposures
-Print media: 37 million circulation with 20.6 million reach
-The commercial video scored 314 GRP. reaching 9.3 million people
- website got 462,570 hits;16,180 people registered
-Fatalities decreased 16.9% for children 3-17 since the inception of OPET’s Traffic Safety initiative (2013-15), according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Traffic Services Division of the General Directorate of Security
-The project continues in 2017 aiming to reach 750,000 more children and youths by the end of the year
-‘Traffic Detectives’ will now enter its 5th year