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Wu Consulting

Company: Wu Consulting, LLC
Entry Submitted By: Gary E. Shumaker, Inc.
Company Description: Founded by Dr. Mary Wu, Wu Consulting LLC (WuC) is a small, minority, woman-owned information technology assurance services company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. WuC provides independent verification and validation, quality assurance, program management office support and computer system security certification and accreditation services.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Turnaround of the Year

Nomination Title: WuC Does Quick Turnaround

  • Describe for the judges the financial or operational turnaround achieved by the nominated company
    during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

    After four years as struggling start-up company, Dr. Mary Wu made the decision 
    at the end of 2005 that 2006 would be the year of change for her company. She
    invested heavily in the company and drove relentlessly for the changes that would
    mean growth. She put large measures of her time and energy into the firm. She
    sought out and invested in the highest quality of human talent to ensure the
    product would support her growth objectives.

    Dr. Wu’s vision and dedication the driving force that made emerge from that year
    Wu Consulting, LLC as one of the nation’s premier Independent Verification and
    Validation companies. It was her valuable autonomous oversight of major software
    development projects for the U.S. Government and private industry that ensured
    the turnaround. It was her exceptional strategic and analytical talents inspired
    unparalleled discipline and strong results, through this period of explosive growth—
    and amid significant challenges.

    Highlights of the 2006 turnaround included growth that almost doubled the number
    of staff working with the firm, from 10 in 2005 to 19 in 2006. Other metrics of
    her firm’s performance are equally impressive; she quadrupled the number of clients
    served by the firm in 2006 over the 2005 numbers. To achieve this growth, she
    tripled the number of proposals submitted. She recognized the value of teaming
    with other companies to pursue work, signing three teaming agreements in 2006 in
    comparison with zero the previous year, aligning her small company with large
    federal government prime contractors for work for the Department of Homeland
    Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    These dramatic improvements have contributed to WuC’s profitability—among the
    industry’s best. In addition, Dr. Wu engineered WuC’s operational approach,
    implementing methodologies associated with the Carnegie Mellon University’s
    Software Engineering Institute Configuration Maturity Model Integrated, by moving
    toward documented and repeatable processes and industry-recognized

    Together, these initiatives have maintained the company’s outstanding customer
    satisfaction and employee effectiveness metrics. This is not just based on
    internal evaluations; Dun & Bradstreet’s Open Ratings survey calculates company
    performance scores using a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account the
    amount of information available on a supplier, the recency of the information, and
    the accuracy of the raters. Ratings range from 0 to 100. WuC received a
    summary performance rating of 97, indicative of future performance.
    A passionate and proven leader, Dr. Wu is actively committed to her company, but
    she is also a community leader. She is active in the Armed Forces
    Communications-Electronics Association (AFCEA) and the Institute of Electrical
    and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In addition to these largely technical
    affiliations, she participates actively in organizations that contribute to the
    understanding and relationships between government and industry, such as the
    Industry Advisory Council (IAC). In addition, she strongly supports organizations
    with purposes of extending opportunities in technology and business for women
    and girls, such as the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 100 words):

    Dr. Wu is president of Wu Consulting LLC, an information technology services 
    company in Arlington, Virginia. Wu Consulting provides software independent
    verification and validation, and computer system security certification and
    accreditation services in support of government, and private industry clients.
    Previously, she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, involved in
    custom software development projects. She has been an adjunct professor in
    computer science at the Georgetown University and University of Maryland
    University College. She holds a bachelor's degree in environmental science from
    Tunhai University, Taiwan, and a master's and a doctorate in computer science
    from the George Washington University.