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The Well Project

Company: The Well Project, Atlanta, Georgia
Entry Submitted By: communications 21
Company Description: The Well Project is changing the AIDS pandemic’s affect on women. It addresses gaps in information access (provided via the Web portal), treatment research (provided via the Women’s Research Initiative) and community support (provided via the National Positive Women’s Training Initiative). Dawn Averitt Bridge, diagnosed with HIV in 1988, founded the organization with her brother Richard in 2002.
Nomination Category: Media & Marketing Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Website of the Year

Nomination Title: The Well Project’s Web Portal for HIV and AIDS Information

  • When was this website first published?

    The Well Project launched its English-language site in August 2003 and its 
    Spanish-language site in October 2006.

  • Briefly describe the purpose of the nominated web site (up to 100 words). Include in this section the URL (web address) of the nominated web site. IMPORTANT: begin the url with http://, and enclose the complete URL in square brackets. For example, []:

    Press Releases and Media Coverage:

    • Provide HIV and AIDS information to women - Over 140 fact sheets,
    data sets, and presentations available on TWP’s Web site are continuously
    updated to reflect medical research changes.

    • Change AIDS pandemic by reaching HIV-positive women and
    caregivers worldwide - TWP’s Web portal receives 63,000 unique visitors per
    month – primarily during working hours, indicating care providers are visiting the
    site. Thirty percent of users are international – from over 160 countries.
    Additionally, TWP launched a mirror site in Spanish to reach Latinas who account
    for 14 percent of the U.S. female population and 15 percent of domestic AIDS

  • List the names and titles of the people who are involved in creating and maintaining the nominated web site:

    Wendy Rhein - Executive Director - The Well Project
    Richard Averitt - Co-founder - The Well Project

    Additionally, The Well Project enlisted the help of one of the world’s largest
    translation companies, LionBridge, and an enterprise content management
    system, Documentum (owned by EMC) to launch its Spanish-language Web site.
    Today, new information that needs to be translated and posted on the Spanish site
    is first sent through Documentum to a queue at LionBridge, which provides this
    service pro-bono. After the two to four week translation process, the
    information is automatically sent to a Spanish medical reviewer to ensure the accuracy and
    cultural accessibility and appropriate nature of the fact sheet. The Well
    Project’s Web master is then triggered to post the information to the Spanish site. If that
    same information is later updated on the English Web site, the “parent document”
    triggers a change in its “child” document (the Spanish version), and it goes
    through the process until it is published again on the site.