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tmg emedia

Company: tmg-e*media, inc., New York, NY
Company Description: tmg-e*media, inc. is a premier independent technology consulting firm headquartered in New York City. We have four practice areas: •Strategic Consulting •Interactive Services •Managed IT Services •Application Development
Nomination Category: Media & Marketing Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Blog of the Year

Nomination Title: Blog of the Year: Content is Queen by Anna Murray, President, tmg-e*media, inc.

  • When was this blog first published?

    Content is Queen was launched in January 2007

  • Briefly describe the purpose of the nominated web blog (up to 100 words). Include in this section the URL (web address) of the nominated blog. IMPORTANT: begin the url with http://, and enclose the complete URL in square brackets. For example, []:

    Content is Queen’s mission is to cover the new dawn of content online. Its author,
    Anna Murray, describes the project:

    Back in the late ‘90s, people said, “On the web, content is king.” Soon, the
    predictions went, there would be a great marketplace of content and the control of
    content would be democratized. Users would decide what content was published
    and consumed– not big studios or media companies.

    Then came the dot-com nuclear winter. A lot of sites failed, and content sites
    seemed anything but kingly. People laughed at the idea of content sites making

    No one’s laughing any longer. And content is surely back. Like the queen in
    chess, she has every move open to her. So we have coined a new term for this
    new era. Today, Content is Queen. And this blog is devoted to covering this new
    day. Our coverage areas include…

    • Web 2.0 and community
    • Content based site ventures
    • Digital publishing
    • New platforms (iPods, eBooks, etc.)

    Since its creation, the CIQ blog has created a stir, resulting in radio interviews,
    article requests, and speaking engagements for its author. The blog is updated at
    least bi-weekly with a hiatus for the summer months.

  • List the names and titles of the people who are involved in creating and maintaining the nominated blog:

    Creative: Anna Murray
    Content: Anna Murray
    Technical Production: Greg Andrews