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Teri Scheinzeit, The Savvy Business Coach

2011 SAWIB WinnerCompany: Teri Scheinzeit, The Savvy Business Coach
Entry Submitted By: Melissa Sones Consulting
Company Description: Teri Scheinzeit, known as The Savvy Business Coach, is a leading New York City-based coach and mentor to women business owners as well as a leading keynote speaker to corporations regarding women and business. She is known for her unique approach to coaching that involves helping women set and reach Measurable Inspiring Goals and to achieve Work-Life Balance.
Nomination Category: Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Mentor or Coach of the Year

Nomination Title: Teri Scheinzeit, The Savvy Business Coach

Describe for the judges the nominated individual's activities and accomplishments that supported women in business during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

When MetLife called Teri Scheinzeit, known as The Savvy Business Coach, in Spring 2011 they wanted to change the corporate culture regarding their female executives, first and foremost by inviting Teri Scheinzeit to present“Strategies and Goals for Work-Life Balance” at their Women's Conference. Then, months later, they asked her to speak to senior-level women on “powerfully mentoring junior-level employees.”

And why Teri Scheinzeit and not the literally hundreds on the much-coveted business conference circuit? Because Teri Scheinzeit offers a unique approach to coaching that combines big results with getting those results no matter the economic climate; with “designing” one’s future; with learning leadership skills that empower employees; and with an emphasis on the “whole woman.” “What good is working if you’re pissed at the end of the day?” Ms. Scheinzeit says. “I like strong women who have multi-dimensional lives and are happy.”

From the get-go, Teri Scheinzeit knew that the core of her coaching would be

1) The Conversation. “All business success comes down to it. Do you know what to say in each situation? Do you know how to ‘thank’, ‘acknowledge’ and ‘quiet your inner critic’?” And

2) A Measurable Inspiring Goal. Tell Teri Scheinzeit that you want to increase income by $100,000 in three months and she’ll ask you, ‘are you inspired’? Any indication that you’re not and you’ll find yourself at four million in eight months and having idea explosion after idea explosion - and reaching that goal.

Since July 2010, Teri Scheinzeit’s clients have done just that. One increased revenues 220% and landed on Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing companies list; a design firm owner increased her profits 30%; a manufacturer grew hers from $1.5 to $2.5 million.

The third aspect of Scheinzeit’s coaching that has put her on the mentoring map are materials she creates aimed at helping clients reach those Inspiring Goals. Since July 2010, these include next-step, time-waster, time management and obstacle-control plans; and worksheets that help women change their thoughts. “Thoughts create our reality,” says Ms. Scheinzeit. “Change your thoughts and you change your business.”

Along the way, Teri Scheinzeit has become a leading coach and speaker on how to use LinkedIn to grow one’s business – 101 ways, all to generate the social connections necessary to have a powerful presence online – and off. A book is coming.

Finally, a long-term survivor of childhood cancer, Teri Scheinzeit is uniquely aware of healing as a crucial thread throughout her coaching and mentoring. Sometimes a private session or speaking engagement includes a few minutes of meditation or deep breathing. “When women are asked ‘What is it that you most want?’” says Ms. Scheinzeit. “The answer is inevitably ‘five minutes to myself!’” - this allows the women I work with to go to the next level – and the next.

Of the private clients Teri Scheinzeit has coached since July 2010, over 90% have done that.

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Teri Scheinzeit is a high-level business mentor and coach who began coaching in 2000 after selling her own successful graphic design firm. She is a leading coach to corporations needing professional speakers; to business partners needing conflict resolution; and to entrepreneurs - many female - needing goal setting, organizational mentoring, time management analysis, emotional support, input on how to better delegate and generate revenue as well as to maximize social media. Her work is often geared to women who juggle so many things at once that they rarely come in for a landing. For them, Teri Scheinzeit is that Landing.