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R&J Elliott Incorporated


2010 Stevie Award Winner

Company: R&J Elliott Incorporated, Normal, IL USA
Entry Submitted By: Vemma Nutrition Company
Company Description: In 2005 Ruth Elliott founded R&J Elliott Inc., a global wellness and training organization representing Vemma® Nutrition Company. Impacting over 50 countries and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, her simple message – wellness shared creates success without limits – is delivered with unrivaled passion and humility to demonstrate anyone can achieve financial freedom.
Nomination Category: Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Entrepreneur – Service Businesses - Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: Ruth Elliott, Founder

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

While today many small businesses struggle for survival, R&J Elliott Inc.
continues to thrive through international expansion and the development of new
tools and training technologies. Ruth Elliott’s dynamic personality and “keep it
simple” business model have allowed her to enjoy continued success while
offering other small business owners a blueprint for finding success. Serving as a
mentor and professional trainer, Ruth has helped thousands of people around the
world achieve financial freedom, including five individuals who have surpassed the
million dollar mark in earnings over the past five years.

For Ruth, 2010 marked a year not only of financial growth but a year of
technological achievements. Ruth assisted Vemma Nutrition Company with the
development of "The Back Office Pro", a comprehensive web-based business
management tool that uses contact and data management along with data
analysis and goal setting to determine business success and identify areas of
opportunity. This software program was successfully launched worldwide to over
hundreds of thousands of Vemma Brand Partners.

2010 also marked Ruth’s co- invention and release of Vemma Cards and, a proprietary contact and achievement recognition software
application that allows subscribers to recognize business achievements and
milestones, keep in contact with their business associates, manage event
invitations and add a personal footprint to their business. Ruth has long
recognition to play a crucial role in the development of business.

Most recently in 2010, Ruth developed two successful business-training
programs. In January 2010, Ruth co-authored the Vemma Action Plan, a training
program that incorporates eight simple steps proven to help launch a successful
Vemma business. The program is available to thousands of Brand Partners

In September 2010, drawing on her extensive training skills and experience, Ruth
launched the Take a Shot Tell Two training program outlining a targeted business
development strategy that includes a video, training manual and presentation
tools. It is her unique learning approach, incorporating the use of touch,
sight and
sound, that speaks so well to so many. Ruth also launched her DVD
entitled "Getting Started with Ruth Elliott", directly impacting thousands of
business owners by teaching them the benefits of having of a game plan to reach
their financial goals.

Ruth most recently shared the stage with motivational speaking giant Brain Tracy,
assisting him in teaching the goal-setting portion of his program. Since July
2009, Ruth has motivated thousands of business owners selflessly by sharing
training techniques and valuable business development skills to sold-out
audiences at live events and webinars. In the past several months she has held
training events in every state in the U.S., as well as Germany, Austria, Hungary,
Sweden, and Canada.

Since inception, earnings for R&J Elliott Inc. surpass $6 million with a business
line of more than 173,000 Brand Partners.*

While all of these accomplishments may seem extraordinary, it is her passion that
captures the hearts of her followers and her humility that lights the way for
to achieve the same financial recovery that she has been blessed with.

*Ruth Elliott has been a Vemma Brand Partner since 2005. During that time, she
has experienced exceptional success based upon her personal efforts and
devotion to building her business. Each Brand Partner’s level of success or
is based upon his or her individual efforts. These results are not typical and are
not to be considered as average earnings.

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Health and wellness came to the forefront of Ruth’s life unexpectedly, when her
children fell ill to life-threatening conditions just one month apart— her son
with a
brain tumor, her daughter with bacterial spinal meningitis. Both children had
miraculous recoveries but the unpaid medical expenses escalated, leaving no
choice but to sell everything, move and start over. Ruth created a game plan to
pay for the medical bills, eliminating credit card debt in 10 months. Today, she
lives in the same 1500 square foot house, embracing humble beginnings, grateful
for having the opportunity to help others amidst similar circumstances.