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How to EnterCompany: Razorfish, New York, NY
Company Description: One of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world, Razorfish counsels its clients on how to leverage digital channels such as the Web, mobile devices, in-store technologies and other emerging media to engage people, build brand loyalty and provide excellent customer service. Razorfish has offices in markets across the United States, and in Australia, Europe and Asia.
Nomination Category: Media & Marketing Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Campaign of the Year - Services

Nomination Title: The Razorfish Digital Mom Report

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Respected for her expertise in advertising and interactive marketing, Terri
Walter is recognized as a pioneer of the industry for her exceptional ability to
recommend innovative and practical marketing practices to meet the changing
needs of her clientele. Her deep involvement in the interactive industry has
given her unique insight into new and emerging technologies, which are evident by her recent

In 2009, Walter was Executive Editor of the Razorfish Digital Outlook Report. This
report looks at the top trends of the year in marketing, predicts the future
trends to watch, and provides compelling strategies, tactics, and
recommendations for digital advertisers. In addition to laying out the outline for the book and
painting the larger vision for its contents, Terri authored the Top Trends to
Watch, which covered trends in social marketing, ad exchanges, mobile, and video.  Terri also
had the foresight to predict that “TV will go social in 2009” as it faces
unprecedented fragmentation and revenue challenges.  In addition to her article
called “The Digitalization of TV,” she aggregates points of view from experts like
Comcast, TiVo, Jack Myers, Xbox, Navic and Google to paint a realistic yet future
outlook for the next generation of television.  According to acclaimed digital
expert Guy Kawasaki, the Razorfish Digital Outlook Report is a “must read for every
marketing professional.”

This year, Walter also conceived and co-authored the Razorfish-CafeMom “Digital
Mom” study, which examines the role of digital technologies and social networks
in the lives of moms today.  The topics in this report include how there have been
significant shifts in moms’ media consumption patterns in the last two years, how
they are using different media channels including social media, mobile, gaming,
and video, and which channels are the most important at different stages across
12 vertical categories. 

The Razorfish Digital Mom Report was covered widely in the press and has been
referred to as the seminal, go-to report for understanding how moms interact in the
digital space.  It was the first report of its kind and was also inspiration for
a two-day series on NBC’s Today show in March 2009, in which Terri was featured. 

Walter is also chair of the Digital Media Council at the Advertising Research
Foundation, where she is moving the needle on educating marketers and
researchers on the topics around the measurement of emerging media like mobile,
video and digital out of home.  She has also just assumed the position of Chair of
the Mobile Marketing Committee at the Association of American Advertising
Agencies (AAAAs), which is a tribute to her active speaking, writing and educating
on best practices in mobile marketing.

In her role at Razorfish, Walter is constantly moving the company into new
directions.  She is the right hand to the Chief Strategy Officer and has made
significant impact in helping Razorfish grow its position as one of the most
innovative advertising agencies in the digital space.

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The Today Show: Digital Mom
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As Vice President of Emerging Media with Razorfish, Terri Walter heads a national
practice area dedicated to bringing emerging digital marketing solutions to life
for clients. She focuses on mobile, video, viral, social media, interactive gaming,
digital signage and other emerging platforms to empower clients and account
teams with the roadmap and tools needed to embrace digital innovation.  Terri has
worked with clients including Victoria’s Secret, Kraft, T Rowe Price and Xbox on
new and innovative digital strategies.

Previously, Terri managed the digital communications teams for Verizon
Communications and T Rowe Price Group as Group Director and Client Partner at
Razorfish, through which she won numerous industry-first awards.

She holds a Masters in International Marketing from Columbia University, and a
BA Magna Cum Laude from Boston College.