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Rani Spas

How to EnterCompany: Rani Spas, New York, NY
Company Description: Though Rani Salons in New York were started in 1994, the first Rani salon founded and started by Dr. Rani was in 1970 in New Delhi, India.
Nomination Category: Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Entrepreneur – Service Businesses - Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: Rani Thukral, Founder

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

1.            In February 2009 Dr. Rani worked with the unemployment offices to provide
free services to people who were officially unemployed so they could pamper
themselves before that big interview. *records furnished on request.
2.            Responsible for development of formulation of 11 new products. (All made in
USA, part of the Made in America movement)
3.            Quality control behind all technical advancements.
4.            Launched the Rani reusable jute bag and got rid of plastic for a more greener
5.            Added a new level of quality control in spa services. Dr. Rani always felt
business was more touch taste and smell rather than numbers.
6.            Was responsible on the full aspect of designing two new locations in the past
twelve months. Rani Spa Bell Blvd and Rani Spa Manhattan.
7.            Made the balance in efficeincy to providing more people with services without
raising prices and increasing the amount spent on each customer in the treatment
8.            Wanted direct feedback from the customer and has maintained only one layer
between the staff and the customer to the higher management.
9.            Has not only donated money but also her effort and her time towards women and
men problems and issues which have nothing to do with skin care or aurveda.
(doing reiki for hospital patients at 6 in the morning, holding spiritual
classes not in the spa area
10.          Providing yoga at the rani spa locations with the philosophy that yoga is
something that money should not be charged for.( Rani spa only charges what it
owes to the instructor which is roughly $3 per customer.)
11.          Was recently given recognition in the New York Post along with Anuj Thukral.

Sometimes talents in individuals are hidden and they only sprout and come out
when the planets align for them. The alignment could be an opportunity, an idea,
a dozen years ofhard work or simply something like just feeling completely
different one morning. Rani Thukral set her foot outside ofIndia for the first
time in her life. Her journey was a round trip ticket from New Delhi to
Frankfurt to London to New York. Attached to her hand was her 9 year old son
holding on to her pinky. They were all set to go back to New Delhi until they
arrived in New York, which changed everything. Rani Thukral discovered a new
definition of freedom where women were driving buses and the word impossible
didn't seem to be in the dictionary of the city. There were no barriers when it
came to opportunity for men offor women and where a person's ability counted for
more than a person's age.

With $250 in the pocket and a tourist visa which was ready to expire in less
than five months, she was inspired to do something and he was inspired to make
her dream come true.

Rani Thukral would go to Queens Boulevard near Alexander and A&S stores while
she would sit in McDonald's and performed the Spa services on customers as he
brought more clients in. "People would ask him if that was edible chocolate on
his hands they were not aware of the henna concept as much as they are today"
says Rani. She would be occasionally buying some more food items in McDonalds so
that they would be able to stay there. The word impossible never existed in her
dictionary even till today. She always believed that hard work and effort is the reason
behind every success. Filled with energy and effort her personality lights up
every soul around her. From performing mini cosmetology services on the streets
of New York to getting her PhD from Boston while being a successful mother and
wife; to running a Spa company today with over 14 locations and 3 cosmetic
labels brands in New York with sister offices in India and China. Rani Thukral
has really come a long way with her ongoing effort and her team mate Anuj Thukral.

Rani Thukral has built the company drop by drop and brick by brick. From
literally putting tiles on the floor with her own bare hands to cutting hair and
printing her own hand made flyers and stapling on all the major trees. From
changing light bulbs in the salon after work hours to flipping tapes in the tape
recorder while booking clients on the cordless phone and keeping an eye on the
timer of her clients hair color.

Even today all products are formulated, tested and have an R&D by the
astonishing knowledge of Dr. Rani's skincare, hair care and ayurveda. "She has
always been an advocate of Ayurveda. She and Anuj both believe that Ayurveda is
far more superior than herbal, natural, organics. r think she has more books on
ayurveda and holistic healing than she has clothes."- Doug Johnson CEO of
Cosmetic labs.

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Rani Thukral's interest in herbs blossomed as a teen under the tutelage of her
chemist father and herbalist-doctor mother. With careful selection of herbal
products and signature treatments, Dr. Rani has captured a mass New York
metropolitan market by offering everything to do with beauty, from falling hair
treatment to bridal makeup and flowers, and generating a loyal following all
over Long Island and Queens. Due to her success in hair loss treatment she
continuously receives online mail orders for her famous hair loss treatment
shampoo and conditioner which was formulated by herself. Dr Rani was the pioneer
in her field to introduce Ayurvedic beauty, Ayurvedic techniques, and Ayurvedic
lifestyle to the western world of New York City. Though Rani Salons in New York
were started in 1994, the first Rani salon founded and started by Dr. Rani was
in 1970 in New Delhi, India.