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Paradigm Esteem


2010 Stevie Award Winner

Company: Paradigm Esteem, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Company Description: Amanda Welliver, Founder and President of Paradigm Esteem, has been teaching motivational modeling and self-esteem programs to youth and adults since 1991. Amanda was nominated for the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and Edmonton Woman Magazine’s ‘Edmonton Woman Making a Difference’. She is the author of “The 'Art' of Being Me”, and other titles.
Nomination Category: Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Canadian Entrepreneur

Nomination Title: Amanda Welliver, President/Founder, Paradigm Esteem

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Amanda Welliver has made a business out of inspiring others to be the best that
they can be by using her changed heart from the teen that was bullied, hair lit on
fire and locked in lockers. Having the speech impediment of stuttering only
escalated the mental and physical abuse at school and even at home. So using
methods she developed that are now in her authored text book "I Am Beautiful
Because...' she is now the Founder and President of Paradigm Esteem. Amanda
faciilitates with her professional passionate team self-esteem motivational
modeling programs throughtout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Her programs are
recognized by Edmonton Social Services, the Public School Board (by giving high
school credits), Health and Service Canada, and Indian Affairs of Northern and
Southern Alberta and North Peace Tribal Council among others.

A motivational speaker and author of self-esteem textbooks, Amanda's
programs aim to change the lives of youth and adults by teaching them the art
of appreciation, what is and why is self esteem such a big deal, the self esteem
bucket, the Amanda Welliver method of power of positive thinking. Media - Reality
check!, and a healthy honest body image.

Amanda is a businesswoman making a difference by teaching
others from her heart and with the passion of a changed life.

In 2003 The Edmonton Journal listed as the 'The geek grew up and helps teens
bully-proof themselves'.
In 2003 The Edmonton Woman Magazine listed Amanda and a 'Edmonton Woman
Making a Difference.'
In 2006 Amanda was nominated and was AWARDED the YWCA Woman
Entrepreneur of the Year.

In this last year, Amanda has partnered with major corporate industry players,
helping to bring to sponsorships to lower funded communitities. This has enabled
Amanda to travel to remote Aborigional communities throughout Alberta and

Amanda has also been invited to be a keynote speaker facilitator at the upcoming
world known 2010 Aboriginal Dream Catchers Festival in Edmonton.

"Amanda Welliver has worked amazing magic with the youth at Big Island Lake. In
the past few years, we have been fortunate to have Paradigm Esteem visit our
community and facilitate the 'I Am Beautiful Because...' workshop. Amanda has
empowered our students through her self-esteem lessons to have the confidence
needed to participate in school and in a first class self-esteem, modeling fashion
show. Amanda brings out the best in youth; her personal testimony,
encouragement, gentleness, enthusiasm and confidence contribute to her
success. I have witnessed BIG changes in students that have completed this
workshop; Big Island is lucky to have her continue to visit and encourage youth to
believe in themselves and discover their inner beauty. Keep working your magic!"
– Carey Stoebich, Vice Principal, Chief Napew Memorial School, Big Island Lake

"As a youth co-ordinator it is sometimes difficult to find a motivational
speaker that
the youth can relate too. Your session on I Am Beautiful Because.. truly inspired
the teens and myself that we empower each other and ourselves. Your energy
and enthusiasm is contagious and even after 3 weeks after the session some of
the teens who attended your session are still vibrating from the information.
inspiring. What a gift you pocess-empowering youth."
– Melonie Dziwenka Sturgeon Youth Council Co-ordinator

"I believe the Paradigm Esteem program would be a tremendous asset to any
community or organization that feels that the healing starts without one’s self,
I highly recommend the program without reservation. This program has worked for
many of the youth – they are still walking around with their heads up high and
feeling good about themselves."
– Phaedra John, Employment and Training / HRD, Kehewin Cree Nation

"I respect myself more and others. I have hope. Before I was embarrassed to talk
in front of people, now I’m not and I know I can do it. Some people have low self-
esteem and they don’t have to feel bad about themselves. Take Paradigm

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Amanda Welliver was an ‘uncool’ youth who had grown up in a broken family and
suffered from a speech impediment. Today she is the founder and president of
Paradigm Esteem. Amanda speaks from a changed heart, from the bullied,
stuttering geek, to the Captain of the Cheer squad.

Her audiences include youth and adults from all demographics. “Today I stutter a
bit, however it is my handicap and I love it. To me, a handicap is a blessing as it
protects you with a thick shield, and the ones that get through you know are your
true supporters and friends.”

Amanda knew she was born for a reason, even though she was told on a consitent
basis of ugly she was, or how expensive she cost, and how she had ruined her
mothers life. Walking around in life was painful. I could never look up cause I
didn't want to see all the people snickering and laughing at me. I didn't want to
look up cause there was never a smile from somone for Amanda resulting in her
always feeling so left out and lonely. Her homelife was just as difficult as her
mother would tell her how she ruined her life, she had a face that would hopefully
get pretty someday.

Amanda also never wanted to smile, cause that just caused more laughs and
snickers to her too as her eye teeth protrouded out drastically which gave her the
name of 'vampire stuttering girl'. Amanda's self esteem was so low she didn't feel
like she even deserved skin, and had mulitple thoughts of suicide. Instead with a
lot of hard work she found her innner strength to fight back as she believed she
was born for a reason and she would matter to someone someday.

Amanda Welliver is a woman that has come though great emotional and physical
triumphs who deserves to be recognized in such a positive manner that if you
you believe in something and yourself you can certainly achieve your best dreams
into a reality. To meet Amanda you will feel and see her charismatic postive
energy who's simple life goal is to continue helping people realize how strong,
powerful and amazing each person is INSIDE & Out helping leaders of tomorrow
become leaders.