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Michael C. Fina

How to EnterCompany: Michael C. Fina, New York, NY
Company Description: Michael C. Fina provides innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of an organization's employee recognition strategy. Through their proven One Source Total Recognition® approach, Michael C. Fina delivers cohesive celebration strategies that align with the business objectives and core values of an organization.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Employer of the Year

Nomination Title: Michael C. Fina

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated company during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

As a company that specializes in helping other companies recognize and reward
their employees, Michael C. Fina is committed to making sure it does the same
for its own workforce. 

Michael C. Fina walks its talk by implementing its programs with its own
workforce.  All employees receive awards for service anniversaries, starting at
one year of service, with additional awards at 3 years, 5 years, and every 5 years
thereafter.  The RAVE program (Recognize and Value our Employees), an online
nomination system, allows both managers and employees to nominate their
peers for awards for work that exemplifies company values.  The nominee
receives an email with a description of the actions that are being commended,
and is able to choose a gift from the company’s Lifestyles Inspiration catalog.
Often the accomplishment is further highlighted in the weekly company

Michael C. Fina realizes that a healthy workplace is a happy workplace. 
Employees have the ability to attend seminars on a variety of topics, from stress
relief to smoking cessation.  Weight Watchers at work is also offered, with
weekly meetings held during working hours, and a cash-back incentive available
to those who meet their weight loss goals.  For further employee development,
educational assistance is offered to help with tuition costs, while free
training is offered by the company’s Training Manager on topics ranging from Microsoft
Office to English for speakers of other languages.

The wellbeing of the environment and community as a whole is also important to
Michael C. Fina.  The company has several green initiatives in place, including
recycling, energy-efficient roofing and lighting, and a Transitchek program that
allows employees to use pre-tax money to purchase passes for public
transportation.  Michael C. Fina is also a corporate sponsor of the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society and the Light the Night Walk.  Michael C. Fina matches the
money raised by its walkers—something it also does for any individual employee
who would like to donate to a charity of their own choosing.

Michael C. Fina makes a concerted effort to communicate with its employees as
much as possible, and get feedback in return.  Human Resources holds monthly
communication meetings with representatives from each department to address
any issues or concerns employees are facing.  Executive leadership also holds
quarterly town hall meetings to communicate with the company as a whole and
address questions.  The efforts are paying off: over the past year Michael C. Fina
has experienced nearly zero percent voluntary turnover.  In addition, the company
has been independently surveyed by the Great Places to Work Institute for the
past two years.  Using a 58-question survey covering all aspects of the work
experience, 78% of employees rated Michael C. Fina as a great place to work. 
Last year this figure was 72%.  This result is confirmation that Michael C. Fina’s
commitment to its employees to uphold the core values of the best hiring, best
training, communicating together, best benefits, family, and social conscience
has produced a desirable work environment.

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Ashley Fina, President of Michael C. Fina, is at the helm of a successful family
operation that is dynamic, visionary, and forward-thinking.

Since 2001, Ashley has worked in all aspects of her family business, from bridal
and jewelry sales to managing operations in the U.K. During her time as Vice
President of International Business Development, Ashley created and
implemented a cohesive strategy to drive global expansion.

Ms. Fina is a member of both the Society of Human Resource Management and
Recognition Professionals International, is a certified recognition professional,
and serves on the global incentive council of the Incentive Marketing Association.