Laserfiche 9

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Company: Laserfiche, Long Beach, CA
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Company Description: Provider of enterprise content management solutions
Nomination Category: Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Business Products

Nomination Title: Laserfiche 9; ECM and BPM United

Describe for the judges the nominated product or service, including its features, functions, benefits, and performance to date (up to 525 words).

Based in Long Beach, CA, Laserfiche was founded in 1987 by CEO Nien-Ling Wacker. Driven by her passion for document management, Wacker built Laserfiche from the ground up – a company that is now recognized as one of the world’s top providers of enterprise content management. As a company led by a highly ambitious female executive, Laserfiche boasts a culture and environment that encourages women to reach their full potential both personally and professionally. Laserfiche is also a company committed to innovation, and in January 2013, Wacker introduced Laserfiche’s most highly anticipated product yet – Laserfiche 9.

Laserfiche 9 unites enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) in an unprecedented way. There are many ECM solutions on the market, but most of them have functionality that’s been cobbled together through acquisitions, leading to a disjointed user experience. Laserfiche has developed its entire product line in-house, boasting software that’s both useful and usable. The product literally places information at users' fingertips, equipping them with the ability to easily access/interact with information where they need it, when they need it. Laserfiche Forms, the e-forms component of Laserfiche 9, extends business processes to the point of capture, getting information into the right hands quickly. The BPM tools that are baked into Laserfiche 9 give employees more information about their tasks, providing them with customized instructions for the actions they need to take at any stage in a business process.

Laserfiche 9 delivers a true end-to-end solution for transactional content management, allowing customers to execute processes such as case management, client onboarding and accounts payable processing in a completely paperless, automated manner, leading to increased productivity and efficiency, time savings and cost savings.

Gartner VP Kenneth Chin sang praise for Laserfiche 9’s ability to aggregate BPM and ECM benefits:

"By enhancing the workflow capabilities to the Laserfiche Rio and Avante, customers can digitize and automate more of the complex business processes. By providing solution frameworks for the more common business processes such as accounts payable, loans processing, and permitting, Laserfiche also enables quicker deployment which results in quicker ROI."

"Relative to many of its competitors, Laserfiche 9 is simpler and costs less to implement,” added Chin.

For customer Eaton County, Laserfiche 9 - deployed cross-departmentally - transformed a variety of business processes through automation, streamlined information management, and increased its overall efficiency.

Before implementing Laserfiche 9, the HR functions in Eaton County were outsourced, which was an ongoing cost and inefficient. By implementing Laserfiche 9, Eaton County transformed the information environment in its HR department and save a significant amount of money.

With the e-forms and BPM functionality baked into Laserfiche 9, workflows are automatically triggered when people are hired or leave county employment, ensuring that "spinning up" and deactivating these services happens within hours. This, in turn, allows the county to provide better service to its citizens.

"We're saving money and making all our county processes more efficient," said Robert J. Sobie, director of Eaton’s information systems department. "I'm proud of how much my commissioners invest in technology. It makes Eaton more technologically advanced and ready for the future compared to other small counties"

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Catherine Ramos serves as director of product strategy and vertical marketing operations at Laserfiche. As such, she has been instrumental in bringing new Laserfiche products to market, including Laserfiche 9, Laserfiche Mobile and Laserfiche Forms. She is also responsible for overseeing Laserfiche’s partner program and improving marketing operations within the vertical marketing group.

Ms. Ramos holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MBA from Argosy University. She has been with Laserfiche since 2004.