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International Financial Data Services Canada


2010 Stevie Award Winner

Company: International Financial Data Services Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Company Description: IFDS Canada is one of Canada’s largest transfer agencies, with 700 employees and more than 12 million unitholder accounts. It has become a global leader in business process outsourcing and application services. IFDS Canada clients include a mutual fund managers, wealth managers, insurance companies and banks. The company is a joint venture of State Street Corporation and DST Systems Inc.
Nomination Category: Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Canadian Executive

Nomination Title: Debralee L Goldberg, President and CEO

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated executive during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

Since joining IFDS Canada as CEO in 2006, Debralee Goldberg has compiled an
impressive record as one of few female chief executives in the traditionally male-
dominated world of financial services. IFDS Canada’s operating income has risen
by nearly 300%, and the number of clients has grown by 30%. Three of IFDS
Canada’s 10 largest accounts signed on in 2009–10.

But Debralee’s impact extends beyond the usual operating numbers to initiatives
in technology, the environment and community giving.

Debralee began her 30-year career as an entry-level call centre employee in a
Boston bank’s mutual fund division. Over the next eight years, she earned a
number of management-level promotions, took additional courses and learned the
mutual fund business. She then took a five-year break to raise her family. After
return, she rose to the executive ranks of First Data Investor Services, an
American Express spinoff, and then joined Kansas City-based DST Systems Inc.
before being tapped to run IFDS Canada.

Since arriving in Toronto, Debralee’s solid understanding of mutual fund operations
has allowed her to contribute as a board member of FundSERV, the Canadian
financial funds network responsible for managing intercompany settlements.

Her deep knowledge has also enabled Debralee to identify and champion ideas to
improve client relations and operating efficiency and to reduce the environmental
impact of IFDS Canada. For example, new smart-screen technology has
eliminated the company’s need to print received forms for data entry. In
addition to
eliminating paper, this advance increased data entry productivity by 60% and
reduced by 70% the number of items requiring quality review.

Similarly, a new touch-screen solution now allows IFDS Canada mailroom
associates to distribute incoming documents without printing and attaching paper
routing instructions. This innovation has reduced monthly mailroom paper use by

Debralee is raising environmental awareness in other ways at IFDS Canada. She
created a green initiatives committee, has reduced travel with VOIP and other e-
meeting technologies, conducts annual green awareness campaigns and
supported distribution of reusable thermal lunch bags, drink bottles and coffee
mugs to all employees. As part of her personal commitment, she walks to work
nearly every day.

Technology improvements introduced under Debralee have reduced IFDS Canada’s
carbon footprint and resulted in their deployment by IFDS affiliates. They also
contributed to IFDS Canada’s selection as a software award winner twice in 2009
(please see links for details). Under Debralee’s leadership, the company continues
to seek new ways to improve, spending more than $20 million annually on
research and development.

Debralee was diagnosed with breast cancer six months after becoming CEO of
IFDS. Surviving the disease has sharpened her appreciation of life and the
importance of giving back. In 2010, IFDS Canada’s charitable giving is on track to
rise 350% over 2008. Employee participation in the same period is up nearly 50%.
Today IFDS supports more than 25 charities, including the Canadian Breast
Cancer Foundation, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, HopeSpring Cancer
Support Centre, Hospital for Sick Kids and United Way.

As an alumna of Boston University College of Arts and Sciences, Debralee is
active as a member of the alumni board, the parents’ council and the dean’s
advisory board at her alma mater. She has been married to Bill Goldberg for 28
years and has two sons, Harrison and Benjamin. Their favourite family activity is
skiing. A certified chef, Debralee enjoys cooking and reading in her spare time.

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IFDS wins Best Use of Technology category at 2009 Canadian Investment Awards

IFDS wins Progress Software’s SaaS Excellence Award for 2009

Wellington West, $8.8 billion wealth manager, selects IFDS as supplier

Caldwell Partners appoints IFDS to provide fund services

Debralee Goldberg profiled in Boston University alumni newsletter

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Debralee Goldberg has risen from her first job as a mutual fund call centre
associate to CEO of IFDS Canada, where she demonstrates leadership in
business growth and efficiency, R&D, green initiatives and corporate giving. Prior
to IFDS, Debralee spent 25 years in the mutual fund industry with Boston-based
banks and services companies First Data Investor Services and DST Systems Inc.
Her efforts at IFDS Canada have lifted operating income 297% and the total
number of clients by 30% while cutting costs. In the past year IFDS has been
twice recognized for software innovation and excellence. Debralee is a graduate of
Boston University College of Arts and Sciences.