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2010 Stevie Award Winner

Company: FuzziBunz, Lafayette, LA
Entry Submitted By: Red Jeweled Media
Company Description: The patented FuzziBunz® pocket diapers are a convenient and sustainable cloth diapering solution for today’s busy parents. The reusable diapers ensure no leaks, no rash and no waste. Now referred to as the Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper, Tereson Dupuy, CEO of FuzziBunz, invented FuzziBunz cloth diapers after her son suffered from chronic diaper rash; prior to her invention, nothing helped.
Nomination Category: Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product of the Year

Nomination Title: FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diaper

Describe for the judges the nominated product, including its features and benefits (up to 500 words). Include in this section the date during the eligibility period on which the product was first introduced to the marketplace:

FuzziBunz cloth diapers are truly an innovative cloth diaper! In 1999, Tereson
Dupuy founded FuzziBunz cloth diapers after watching her son suffer with severe
eczema; trying various treatments with no relief. Her doctor recommended she try
cloth diapers, which at the time were flat white diapers that you hooked with a pin
and put crunchy plastic pants over. Tereson was a busy mom with little time to
futz with pins and plastic pants, and most importantly her baby wasn’t staying dry
with these diapers.

She needed a solution and invented the modern cloth diaper – a design copied by
many but is patented and owned by the inventor herself, Tereson Dupuy. During
Tereson’s search for absorbency, she quickly recognized that fleece was key – a
unique fabric that would allow moisture to wick away from baby’s bottom then
quickly dry. She then combined a superior fleece fabric with a pocket opening at
the top of the diaper where you can “stuff” absorbent materials. Finally she had a
dry baby, a cure for his eczema, and a fantastic new Modern Cloth Diaper design
and product.

Post inventing the first FuzziBunz concept, Tereson has worked hard to perfect
her invention solving every problem she found in both disposable and reusable
diapers. This last year Tereson revolutionized the cloth diaper and created a
diaper that could be sized up and down to fit babies from birth to potty training.
Her concept is different than any other diaper manufacturer, as she used an
elastic band that is inserted inside the diaper’s leg and waist casings and which
can be adjusted to make the diaper smaller or larger (similar to how adjustable
waist pants work). Now moms don’t have to buy diapers in small, medium and
large, they can simply buy the FuzziBunz One-Size cloth diaper invention and
voila, the diaper would grow as baby grew! Truly genius! Even better, the elastic
band is fully replaceable, this patent pending fully detachable system guarantees
the diaper will last through multiple children and washes with replacement parts.
Moms can save even more money and create less environmental waste with these
innovative one-size cloth diapers!

FuzziBunz sets the trends in cloth diapering; in the last year, the company has
produced 14 new diaper “flavors” – er “colors” – including Crushed Berries, Tootie
Fruitie, Buttercream and Choco Truffle, Tereson has conjured up a delicious and
irresistible diaper collection helping moms understand that cloth diapering can be
fun and oh-so-cute on babies!

Innovation is the cornerstone of FuzziBunz, which not only includes product
development, but also the company’s flexible work schedules and mobile offices.
They are the leader in cloth diapering and was the first company to turn an
ordinary cloth diaper (the ones our grandmother’s used!) into something
extraordinary… in fact, the founder of FuzziBunz has turned cloth diapering into a
multi-million dollar empire – an empire worth acknowledgement as it remains one
of the most copied inventions in the baby industry. Copying is the best form of
flattering – and FuzziBunz is a blushing!

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One-Size Pocket Diaper Info and Video (don’t forget to watch the video to see how
they work!)

14 New Colors:

5 Hottest Celebrity Baby Gifts:

Meet the Inventor:

The best Eco-Friendly baby products – FuzziBunz included!

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Tereson Dupuy is the CEO of Mother of Eden, inventor of FuzziBunz cloth diapers,
and is often called the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper.” This determined
mother invented FuzziBunz after her son suffered from chronic diaper rash; prior to
her invention, nothing helped! Tereson has been featured in the New York Times,
CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsche, and The Sundance Channel’s Big
Ideas for a Small Planet. FuzziBunz has received recognition from Pregnancy,
babytalk and The Today Show. Tereson lives in Louisiana with her three children
and advocates helping the cleanup effort for the BP Oil Spill.