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SAWIB08 Winner

Company: ewoman, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Company Description: consulting, IR/CR communication, marketing etc.reflecting the voices of the “Smart Consumers”,operating ewoman University, and human resource training.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Most Innovative Company of the Year – Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: ewoman,Inc for Women

1. Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated company during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

Back in 1996 when the concept of a “Portal site” did not yet exist, Kaori Sasaki
created that concept and was the first in Japan to open a portal site for women.
Combining her experience from this together with a vision, “ewoman” was launched
in 2000. New values for economic society are proposed dynamically and with
diversity. ewoman is driving a shift of values in Japanese society through
consultation servicing Japan’s top corporations.

The unique features of ewoman:
1) ewoman leverages the three characteristics of the Internet –
searchability, the real-time aspect, and interactivity.
2) ewoman do not implement content typically used around the world to
draw women such as horoscopes, shopping discounts, and giveaways; the
website is focused on discussion.
3) ewoman has created a “roundtable meeting” among working adults
where experts and the general public can discuss topics as equals whereas
standard media has a hierarchical relation with experts answering questions from
the general public. The wisdom and experiences of participants are accumulated
everyday on a database and made public at no cost.
4) ewoman is creating an orderly and intelligent community on the
5) ewoman has taken on the challenge of a new business model that
doesn’t post banner advertisements whatsoever.
6) ewoman has developed diverse products and services leveraging the
knowledge of site participants. Ex: The Nissan sedan SYLPHY, Kikkoman’s “Uchi
no Gohan (home cooking),” communication branding for Japan Airlines, an original
ewoman supplement called “Melon Repair,” and more.
7) ewoman offers a rich variety of courses and meetings in addition to
online resources. The one-day International Conference for Women in Business
has been held for 13 years in a row every summer and has grown to include more
than 1,000 working women to network and learn about the latest in business and
approaches. Level of satisfaction among participants is phenomenal, with an
average of 99% indicating satisfaction.
8) ewoman identified the growing population of working women as “Smart
Consumers” at a time when many corporate marketers considered consumers to
be housewives. We have been successful by consulting with the perspective that
companies that win over diverse consumers will flourish and be held in esteem.
9) ewoman conducts company training sessions and consulting with a
focus on diversity.
10) ewoman runs and manages ewoman University to provide various high-
class seminars. Over 6600 people have participated.

2. List the URLs (web addresses) of any online news stories, press releases, or other documents that you would like the judges to see that support your entry. IMPORTANT: List each URL on a separate line, begin each URL with http://, and enclose each URL in square brackets. For example, []:


3. Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 100 words):

Dr. Sasaki founded Unicul International, Inc., an international communication
consultancy, in 1987 and now serving as CEO. She received Entrepreneur Award
from the New Business Association in 1988. She is a chair of the International
Conference for Women in Business, now in its 13th year. In 2000, she founded
ewoman, Inc. and became CEO. Dr. Sasaki is also serving as a member of
various government councils; Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications, Financial Service Agency, Cabinet Office, Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Fair Trade Commission Workgroup for
Antitrust Law. She teaches at various universities, also, she is known for her
magazine articles, newspaper columns, books, and lectures . She is serving on
the board of directors of Nissen and on advisory board of Sony Education
Foundation, National Science Museum etc. Dr. Sasaki was a news reporter for
the nightly nation-wide news program, News Station, and was the anchor for the
CBS 60 Minutes in Japan, a commentator for various major programs. Her
published work includes "Sasaki’s Guide to Using an Action planner" , "The Give
& Given Concept" (Just System Shuppan) etc. In 2008, she was awarded an
honorary doctorate degree from Elmira College in New York, is married and has
two children. She lives in Tokyo.