Digital Risk Executive Womens Summit

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Company: Digital Risk, Orlando, FL, USA
Company Description:Touching over 40,000 files each and every month, Digital Risk is the largest independent provider of Quality Control, Due Diligence, Valuations, and Fulfillment Services for the complex and dynamic financial services market.
Nomination Category:Media Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category:Event of the Year

Nomination Title: Digital Risk Executive Womens Summit

When and where did this event take place?

The Digital Risk Executive Women's Summit is the first event of its kind for not only Digital Risk, but also for the mortgage industry. As a typically male-dominated industry that usually hosts conferences or seminars in large banquet halls in the city, the industry is not accustomed to an event that is not only geared toward women, but also takes place in the wine country of Sonoma, California. That's right, Digital Risk hosted an Executive Women's Summit for the top, elite women in the mortgage industry to discuss professional women's issues and women's career trajectories over a three-day summit in Sonoma, California. The event included wine tasting, yoga, wine tours, spa treatments, keynote speech dinners and a bike tour. The event took place in September 2015, which allowed for brisk mornings of yoga followed by cool afternoons in the vineyards.

Briefly describe the nominated event including its purpose and results (up to 125 words):

The mortgage industry is a traditionally male-dominated, government-oversight laden field with only serious industry events. Knowing that it’s difficult to stand out, Digital Risk decided to host its own event, the “Executive Women’s Summit”. Event goals include:

1. RSVP’s from 20 of the very top women in the mortgage industry.
2. 20+ social media interactions over the three-day summit.
3. New business above the event cost ($115k).

Due to the high caliber programming of the event, Digital Risk achieved the following:

1. RSVP’s from 25 of the very top women in the industry, 75% of which are non-clients.
2. Over 100 event-related social media interactions during and after the summit.
3. A new project from a new client at a value of $700k.

List the names and titles of the people who were involved in creating and staging the nominated event:

Kim Lanham, VP, Marketing & Public Relations

Laura Williamson, SVP, Advisory Services