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Digital Hands

How to EnterCompany: Digital Hands, Tampa, FL
Company Description: Digital Hands is a US-based outsourced IT provider that specializes in call center support, monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and special projects implementation. We are known for an innovative service model and outstanding customer service. Digital Hands was founded in 2001 by Charlotte Baker, CEO and Vince Rocca, CTO. We have 25 employees and is located in Tampa, Florida.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Community Involvement Program of the Year

Nomination Title: Digital Hands CEO, Charlotte Baker for The Imagination Center Project at the Children’s Home, Inc.

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated company during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

Charlotte Baker is CEO and co-founder of Digital Hands, a 100% US-based
outsourced technical support company recognized for best practices in customer
service, integrated services and workplace excellence. In July 2008, Baker
accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors at The Children’s Home Inc.,
(CHI)  a local 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that provides residential
treatment programs at its family support and resource center.  CHI cares for severely
neglected, abandoned, and abused children in the Central Florida region who are
removed from their parent’s custody.  The Home provides a safe, nurturing
environment, professional rehabilitative therapy for the children and their
and assists with adoption and foster care placement.

Shortly after joining the board, Baker presented her “Imagination Center” concept
to fellow CHI Board members and gained a 100% buy-in from the group to
organize a separate corporation and board of directors to drive the project
management and fundraising efforts for the $2 million capital campaign. 

The Imagination Center will be a research facility and first-of-its-kind technology-
based art and play therapy program that will serve to improve the health and
lifestyle of the severely abused and neglected children residing at CHI.  The
center provides the children with opportunities to learn, play, and participate in fun and
challenging projects utilizing mind-stimulating computer graphic design, animation,
multimedia, and robotics programs that spark creative thought, enliven self
esteem, and provide them with computer and engineering skills they can use to
regain confidence and reset the future. The children will participate in community
programs and competitions that foster social skills through spirited team building
competitions.  The mission of the program is to use creative technologies as an
art therapy tool to help children express themselves during this critical
transition in their lives and break the cycle of abuse.

Charlotte Baker worked with CHI board members and her hand-picked Imagination
Center Board to develop a self-sustaining business plan for the center that can be
duplicated in similar child welfare and rehabilitative programs nationwide. The
Imagination Center will be built on underutilized property currently owned by CHI,
making it to be easy for the children who reside at CHI to attend regular
sessions.  The Center will be staffed with licensed art therapists, interns, and community

Baker has secured donations from a renowned architect and industry-leading
technology manufacturers who have volunteered to donate time and materials to
the project. The capital fundraising efforts are currently underway to acquire the
remaining funds needed to complete the project (opening January, 2011.) Baker is
working with business partners to secure hardware, software, multi-media
equipment, and Lego® Technic robotic sets.

Charlotte Baker is a visionary leader whose ability to rally influential members
from the community to donate time, talent, and materials to help build The Imagination
Center at The Children’s Home, Inc. is a testament to her commitment to the
children, the community, and the future of both.

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The Imagination Center Project at the Children's Home

Digital Hands

The Children’s Home, Inc.

Digital Hands Awards

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Charlotte Baker is CEO and co-founder of Digital Hands, an American-based,
technical support company.  Previously, Baker was co-founder and senior VP of
marketing at 2nd Century Communications and secured $155 million in capital,
lead product management, partner development, and corporate communications. 
Education: MBA, Darden Graduate School of Business; BS in Commerce with
dual concentrations in Marketing and MIS, McIntire School of Commerce,
University of Virginia.

Community involvement: Chairman of the Board, The Children’s Innovation
Company; Board Member, Children’s Home Inc.; Board Member, Tampa Bay
Technology Forum; Founder and Chairman, The Executive Women's Forum;
Founder and Board Member, TechVillage Tampa Bay.