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BioEngineering Group

How to EnterCompany: The Bioengineering Group, Inc., Salem, MA
Company Description: BioGroup is a pioneer in the field of ecosystem restoration and application of sustainability principles to site planning and development, transportation, and stormwater management.It provides a full range of scientific, engineering, landscape planning, design, and construction services. BioGroup is guided by their mission statement-building sustainable communities on an ecological foundation.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Fastest-Growing Company of the Year

Nomination Title: The Bioengineering Group - Doubles Size and Sales in One Year!

1. Describe for the judges the growth of the nominated company during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

Bioengineering Group was founded in 1992 by Wendi Goldsmith and under her
leadership has grown from a firm of 1 employee to over 70 employees with
offices in MA, LA, PA, AL, and NC. Since July 1, 2008, BioGroup more than
doubled in size. The company’s phenomenal growth is directly attributable to Ms.
Goldsmith’s vision and leadership skills which have allowed the firm to enter and
become dominant in the field of sustainable design during a period when private
and public entities throughout America have embraced the approach as an
urgent and practical policy priority. She states …“I focused my practice on what I
believed was the correct approach even when it was considered radical and
unattainable, attracted like-minded colleagues, and was fortunate to find many
receptive clients.”

Additionally, the company also enjoyed a 100% increase in revenue from fiscal
year-end 2007 to fiscal year-end 2008, and is on track to double again in 2009.

Growth Matrix:
Year Revenue % Increase

Year Employees % Increase
7/1/2008 34
Currently 72 100%+

The company’s growth did not come without its difficulties. After several years of
strong growth and steady profits, in 2002 BioGroup experienced significant
losses related to a number of factors including unusual delays in commencing
new contracts in part due to 9/11 effects. Three US Army Corps of Engineers
districts most involved with the 9/11 response comprised BioGroup’s major
customers, and the effect was unforeseen. The impacts were serious, and in
order to survive, BioGroup laid off twelve people, implemented a two-week
unpaid furlough, and the entire staff had their pay cut by 20% for four months.
Also, forbearance on loans was requested, and payments to subcontractors
were made over time according to negotiated terms. Throughout 2003, intensive
effort was made not only to survive, but also to improve the management systems
and financial performance of the business. The result was growth in revenues
and profitability and increases in contract backlog steadily ever since. At every
juncture during the gut-wrenching process, the management team stuck to the
guiding principles of sustainability and collaboration that the firm is founded
on. It shared information openly, incorporated team input into decision-making, looked
to the long-term position and integrity of the firm, and conserved its key
resources of people and money.

Senator John Kerry stated … “Bioengineering Group has received the
recognition and government contracts it rightly deserves. From her (Ms.
Goldsmith’s) integral role in helping to restore the damaged levees in New
Orleans, to the work she does right here in Massachusetts every day, Ms.
Goldsmith’s commitment to her business and leadership in women’s
entrepreneurship is truly admirable.”

Bioengineering Group has positioned itself to continue its growth by maintaining
its strong and positive relationships with existing and new clients, continuing to
provide award-winning services, and to continue with its mission statement:
Building sustainable communities on ecological foundations.

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3. Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 100 words):

Wendi Goldsmith is President of Bioengineering Group. Her roles span planning
of large scale multi-state watershed management and restoration projects, to
design of stabilization and ecological enhancement treatments for sites
compromised by solid and hazardous waste, to providing expert testimony on
cases connected to damaged ecosystems. She has helped advance some of
the largest public projects in history.

Ms. Goldsmith holds an MS degree in plant and soil science from UMass, an MA
degree in landscape design from the Conway School, and a BA degree in
geology and geophysics/studies in the environment from Yale University.