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Adriana Neagu

Company: Formotus, Inc., Bellevue, WA
Company Description: Formotus, Inc. is the first company to provide fast, easy mobile access to business data. The Company’s software + services model allows organizations to quickly generate and deploy business applications over-the-air to Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Technology Innovator of the Year

Nomination Title: "Adriana Neagu: Enterprise Software Pioneer"

  • Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated company
    during the eligibility period (up to 500 words):

    Adriana Neagu has committed herself to designing the software solutions
    businesses need to efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively collect business
    data. Her dedication has resulted in a number of accomplishments and industry
    firsts. Neagu was one of the creators of InfoPath®, a powerful Microsoft
    business application solution and is the inventor of FormoPublish, the
    industry’s first click-and-deploy mobile business application solution.

    With Microsoft for more than 10 years, Neagu observed a trend among her
    enterprise customers in adopting mobile devices. This trend was accompanied by
    an increase in demand for off-the-shelf mobile applications. Aware that these
    devices have the potential to provide a mobile gateway (like a laptop) to
    critical data and data entry mechanisms, Neagu reviewed available mobile
    business data solutions for the enterprise. She quickly came to the conclusion
    that a lack of real-world mobile data applications and slow, inefficient and
    expensive delivery systems were indeed preventing enterprises from maximizing
    the full potential of ubiquitous Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices. Neagu
    believed that with the right combination of software + services, these devices
    could vastly improve the way enterprise business is conducted in the field.

    Guided by enterprise demand and armed with the technical expertise required to
    bridge the mobile software development gap, Neagu co-founded her new startup,
    Formotus. In just eighteen short months, Neagu and her team developed the first
    version of FormoPublish™. By bringing to market the industry’s first
    click-and-deploy mobile business data solution, she has demonstrated a thorough
    ability to quickly design and execute on enterprise IT demands without
    sacrificing user conveniences. Neagu’s product accomplishments related to
    FormoPublish include designing a code-free mobile business data solution
    specifically for non-technical users and an offline data access feature, both
    heavily sought by the enterprise community.

    In order to fulfill her product vision, Neagu set an aggressive timeline, strict
    product standards and maintained a hands-on approach to managing her elite team
    of developers (half of which are women). She streamlined communication among her
    development team across three time zones by adopting various Web-based tools for
    critical development processes, such as bug-tracking, project management, code
    development and testing. At the end of the product development cycle, she
    required her team to subscribe to FormoPublish. This trial allowed the
    developers to make additional improvements and more importantly, gain an
    intimate understanding of the issues associated with working via smart wireless
    devices, which by no coincidence is
    Formotus’ target audience.

    Still early in her career, Neagu has built a reputation for conceptualizing and
    architecting business solutions that dramatically improve business processes. In her latest
    creation, she has advanced the data collection industry by allowing businesses
    to deploy – in a matter of hours – custom mobile applications that previously
    took months to develop. Neagu’s ground-breaking software + services solution
    makes it easier than ever for enterprises to rapidly deploy the mobile data
    applications their workers need to be effective, productive and competitive in
    the field.

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    Formotus: Making Mobile Data Apps Easier

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    Adriana Neagu is the inventor of Formotus’ FormoPublish™ and co-creator of
    Microsoft Office InfoPath®, a solution for creating and deploying electronic
    forms for PCs. She has extensive knowledge in technologies related to web
    services, electronic forms and service-oriented architecture. Working with
    Microsoft for 10 years, Neagu gained significant experience creating XML
    technologies to meet enterprise customer needs. She holds a Diplomat Engineer
    degree in Control and Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute in
    Bucharest, Romania, where she graduated with honors. Peers regard Neagu as an
    industry visionary for her work leading development teams and driving new
    concepts into the marketplace.