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Zebra Technologies

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Company: Zebra Technologies, Lincolnshire, IL
Entry Submitted By: Ogilvy Public Relations
Company Description: Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA) provides the broadest range of innovative technology solutions to identify, track, and manage the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. Zebra’s core technologies include reliable on-demand printer and state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Computer Hardware

Nomination Title: Zebra Technologies’ ‘RXi4’ Radio Frequency Identification Printer

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        With the launch of RXi4, Zebra simultaneously addressed a growing trend among
retailers of tracking products at the item level and an overall RFID market
shift from compliance-based tracking to item-level tracking.

        This printer brings innovation, functionality and cost benefits to the retail
industry, which previously had not seen technology advance to meet sector
demands head on, making it a smart investment for organizations with high-
volume, mission critical or specialty labeling applications.

        As Zebra’s first high-performance RFID printer/encoder designed to address the
growing RFID market for high-volume item-level tagging, the RXi4 streamlines
business improvement and supply-chain management applications such as item-
level tracking, asset tracking, inventory management and more across retail,
manufacturing, healthcare and distribution channels.

        Zebra’s RXi4 overcomes one of the largest barriers to RFID adoption – media
cost. The RXi4 benefits many organizations by reducing RFID media costs by up
to 10 percent.  By providing a printer/encoder with Zebra’s exclusive patent-
pending Adaptive Encoding technology, the RXi4 can detect the RFID inlay
position within the label and automatically configure the printer/encoder
without having to manually calibrate for the inlay, ensuring tag accuracy and
saving time and money.

        The RXi4 has three key features that set it apart from other printers of its
kind, including on-pitch encoding, variable inlay placement and global
•     On-pitch encoding – Ability to print/encode small tags very close
together with a distance as narrow as .6-inch/16 mm, producing savings in media
costs. By spacing inlays closer together, label converters use less material
which converts to lower cost per label, fewer media roll changes and faster
printer/encoder throughput.
•     Variable inlay placement – The printer automatically senses the RFID
inlay position to optimize encoding and enables companies to use media
converted for other-brand printer/encoders with minimal printer reconfiguration.
•     Global certifications – With more and more businesses going global,
organizations with multinational supply chains can easily deploy the same
R110Xi4 printer/encoder in multiple countries through Zebra’s global
certification process.

Based on Zebra’s Xi4 printers, introduced earlier this year, the RXi4
incorporates rugged durability, consistent print quality, fast print speed,
long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. The printer
helps to provide perpetual inventory management at an increased speed and
decreased cost.

        With the improved visibility into inventory afforded by the tagging, retailers
have greater efficiency and accuracy in order processing based on an increased
knowledge of what is in stock. A comprehensive and transparent view into an end
user environment such as a supply chain or store floor affords companies much
more granular visibility. These benefits all result in increased efficiency and
time and money savings, and in turn an increased bottom line.

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        Made up of a variety of highly specialized members, the RXi4 development team
features some of the top engineers and designers in the printer industry. Led
by Carolyn Ricci, the development of the RXi4 was the culmination of hard work
and dedication by a highly experienced group. Key members of the team include
Steve Kovanko, Electrical Engineer, Anthony Brown, Manager Design and
Development, Boris Y. Tsirline, PhD. Senior Staff Design and Development
Engineer, Daniel Schellenbach, Test Engineer, Tom Zwier, Engineer, Robert
Gawelczyk, a Senior Electronics Engineering Technician, and Michael Fein,
Technical Product Manager.