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Company: XPLANE, Portland, OR
Company Description: Founded in 1993, XPLANE is an information design consultancy that drives better results for many of the world’s leading organizations through visual thinking and design.
Nomination Category: Interactive Multimedia Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Consumer Entertainment/Information

Nomination Title: Holiday Recipes from Around the World - XPLANE

    The date on which this nominated production was first distributed or otherwise made public:

        December 16, 2010

    Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words). Provide here the URL of the nominated production. IMPORTANT: begin the URL with http://, and enclose the URL in square brackets - for example, []:

        XPLANE wanted to do something a bit different for the 2010 Holiday Greeting and
made the decision to create an interactive (and downloadable) cookbook. XPLANE
thought it only fitting to share a collection of favorite holiday recipes
specific to each city where it currently operates.  From Portland to Sydney and
St. Louis to Austin, this book represents the tastes and flavors of XPLANE's
expanded family. And in true XPLANE style, we couldn’t help but “explain” these
dishes in a bit more “infographic” detail. 

        The interactive cookbook is available online and as a downloadable PDF.

        The feedback was overwhelming...and the food wasn't bad either!

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Design Agency: XPLANE
Creative Director: Bill Keaggy
Project Manager: Ann Smith