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Company: XPLANE, Portland, OR
Company Description: Founded in 1993, XPLANE is an information design consultancy that drives better results for many of the world’s leading organizations through visual thinking and design.
Nomination Category: Corporate Literature Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Marketing or Sales Brochure or Kit - Print

Nomination Title: Microsoft Azure: XPLANE

    The date on which this nominated material was first distributed or otherwise made public:

        Fall 2010

    Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words).

        This highly visual piece was created by XPLANE for Microsoft to help explain,
promote and sell its Microsoft Azure platform. Available as a print piece the
poster is also available online.  Microsoft and XPLANE have a long-standing
relationship and this piece was yet another example of a very colorful, and
creative piece, that was developed to explain a complex issue.  The piece is
extremely popular and well received within the Azure community.

    List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry: Advertising Agency/City: Client: Art Director: Cinematographer: Creative Director: Designer: Director: Illustrator/City: Music Producer/City: Photographer/City: Printer/City: Producer: Production Company/City: Programmer: Writer: Web Development Firm/City:

        Design/Consultancy: XPLANE